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[TRANS] 141207 TVXQ T1ST0RY Press Conference “Reveals Their Thoughts on The Group’s 4000th Day”

Changmin started with words that triggered laughters, “Personally, I stayed stubbornly like a leech beside Yunho-hyung. And we are where we are now.”
Following, Yunho continued, “Making use of Changmin’s strength, both of us worked hard to display more of our new sides. We wish to surpass limitations to present what we had worked hard for on the stage.”

TVXQ’s concert, as per its name T1ST0RY, is constructed using the group’s ten years of history. A total of 24000 seats are sold out and 28 songs are performed.
During his solo stage in the concert, Changmin took off his top while performing. With regards to this, Changmin said, “I had to stop drinking for 2 months so as to be able to remove my top. There was a trainer in charge of my training and he did not allow me to drink soup, eat chilli noodles or kimchi during the two months. I underwent a tough training, so please take care of me.”

On the other hand, Yunho expressed, “It is not an easy task to break our own record. Even though records are records, if we wish to be active for long, TVXQ’s recorded must continue to be broken by TVXQ ourselves. Even after a long time, we hope that TVXQ’s name will stay forever. We want to become a group that will provide people with warmth just from the name itself.”
Changmin revealed that they usually gather 700k~800k audiences in a Japanese concert tour and he wants to work harder to gather 1 million audiences.

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[Trans] 141114 Japanese comedian Kazuko Kurosawa on attending TVXQ’s T1ST0RY Concerts in Seoul

Comedian Kazuko Kurosawa, a huge TVXQ fan, has booked her flight to and hotel in Seoul but hasn’t managed to get tickets for the #T1ST0RY concert ㅋ Her colleagues went “Did you join some sort of cult following” and she replied “I will look after TVXQ even after they grow old” ㅋㅋ She said that even if she is unable to secure tickets for the Seoul concerts, wouldn’t it be okay if she just goes to Seoul and can hear the music that escapes from the concert venue..

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[TRANS] Excerpts from Changmin’s Interview in the October Issue of Cosmopolitan

“Changmin said that this was his first time in Bali. Considering that these were words coming out of the lips of the K-Pop star who, while commanding a 1 million fandom over the 10 past approximate years and traversing the entire world, the triviality of it was really endless. Even in the shuttle bus headed in the direction of the airport, and also while in the midst of travelling towards his accommodation in Bali, Changmin continually and repeatedly shot out, “It’s great! It’s really great. Everything’s just great!” Shim Changmin, who had treated the 5 days 3 nights in Bali as if it were a week and meticulously enjoyed himself without any letting up. If it is said that the long period of time during which he moved around within a fixed mould was what created the current him, Changmin now picks up those past 10 years on his shoulders and is gradually becoming more free as he moves along.”

Q: It seems like in order not to disappoint the expectations of the fans or the company, you had given up on many things.

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[TRANS] Tohoshinki, Holding a 5 Dome Tour in Commemoration of Their 10th Anniversary Next Year since Their Japanese Debut


Tohoshinki will be holding a Japanese 5-Dome tour for the second time next year and will once again dye Japan red.

Tohoshinki, who welcome their 10th anniversary next year since their debut in Japan, are scheduled to unfold their concerts for a total of 12 rounds in Japan’s 5 Domes, with the tour starting on 7 February 2015 at Fukuoka’s Yafuoku! Dome, and moving on to Tokyo, Sapporo and Osaka.

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[TRANS] EXO 1st Concert, “TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Gave Us Advice Member by Member”

EXO has made mention of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

On this day, the members of EXO explained the contents of the advice given by the seniors in their company before the concert. Chanyeol said, “Over the telephone, as the phone was passed from each member to another one by one, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim spoke to each of us. He told us not to be too overly excited on the first day and it will become a good concert performance if we enjoy ourselves in a fun way with the fans”.

-only Yunho-related parts translated-

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[TRANS] 140308 [Entertainment Star World] TVXQ!’s Exclusive Interview

Q: Having worked together for 10 years, what are your thoughts about each other?

Changmin: For me, if there wasn’t Yunho hyung, it seems like I would not have been able to walk on till now. Now the person in front of the camera is curling up his / her fingers (because it’s too mushy hahaha). Really, he leads me as a younger brother well, so it seems like we have been able to walk on well till now without any glitches, and in the future, please guide me well (Yunho: ai~ why are you like this?) I hope you will take care of me well.

Yunho: For 10 years, it seems like this is most important thing. Compared to all other forms of words, it seems like the most important thing was that he has stayed beside me. Good things, difficult / tiring things, happy things, going through them together… and just by the fact of staying beside each other quietly, it seems like this has to be cherished compared to anything else. In the future, I think that, in the same way, to be able to shine even more brightly, we will become the type of relationship whereby we are each other’s support while complementing each other. And although I have said this just now, because Changmin is the type of friend who shines even more brightly as time passes, and because I will be anticipating a lot from him in the future, I will have to be by his side too.

Watch their interview here >>

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[TRANS] 140307 Max Changmin’s look, Explosion of charm in between opposite extremes!

Max Changmin has left viewers spellbound with his charms on opposite extremes.

Through his sexy and luxurious dances and singing in music programmes, Max Changmin is giving off a manly charm which makes one want to steal him for herself, while he stimulates one’s maternal instincts to hug him through his indifferent and chic analogue emotive acting in the drama “Mimi”. When he is acting out the period of being a high school student in “Mimi”, he also shows off an appearance of a good looking youth who seems like the male lead of a romance comic.

The group which Max Changmin belongs to, TVXQ, have released the title song of their 7th repackaged album, “Spellbound” and made their full-fledged return through appearances on various music programmes etc starting from March 5. Continue reading “[TRANS] 140307 Max Changmin’s look, Explosion of charm in between opposite extremes!”

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[Lyrics+Trans] Tohoshinki – One and Only One


bokura no ue ni tada sora ga hitotsu
onaji yane no sumibito
shiranda sora ni tori ga habataki
eien no kibou wo utatteru

boku ni nani ga dekiru darou?
kimi wa nani wo nozomu darou?
gamushara ni mirai wo tagayashitai yo
yami ni wa egao de hikaru tomosunda
yume mita no wa dare?

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[Lyrics] TVXQ – Spellbound


(with individual parts)

[All] Surisurimasuri susuri saba
[Yunho] Oh
[All] Surisurimasuri susuri saba
[Yunho] Dirit ditditdit ditditditdit dit da
[Changmin] Yeah.. yeah
[All] Surisurimasuri susuri saba

[Changmin] Geuttaen eoryeotji, aju soljikhi jinjihaji motaetji
Geuttaen nugurado sanggwaneopdan mariji modu swiwoboyeosseo
I was silly to you, baby
Naega neomu gyeongsolhaetdeon geotdo ara

[All] Surisurimasuri susuri saba

[Yunho] Geukkat sarangjjeumiya naega wonhamyeon eonjedeun gajil su isseo
Geureon chakgak soge gipi ppajyeoitdeon nareul guhaetji
At that time I, I was so young mabeopcheoreom nege
Ikkeullyeotdeon geolkka? Geureolkka?

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