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[TRANS] 141207 TVXQ T1ST0RY Press Conference “Reveals Their Thoughts on The Group’s 4000th Day”

Changmin started with words that triggered laughters, “Personally, I stayed stubbornly like a leech beside Yunho-hyung. And we are where we are now.”
Following, Yunho continued, “Making use of Changmin’s strength, both of us worked hard to display more of our new sides. We wish to surpass limitations to present what we had worked hard for on the stage.”

TVXQ’s concert, as per its name T1ST0RY, is constructed using the group’s ten years of history. A total of 24000 seats are sold out and 28 songs are performed.
During his solo stage in the concert, Changmin took off his top while performing. With regards to this, Changmin said, “I had to stop drinking for 2 months so as to be able to remove my top. There was a trainer in charge of my training and he did not allow me to drink soup, eat chilli noodles or kimchi during the two months. I underwent a tough training, so please take care of me.”

On the other hand, Yunho expressed, “It is not an easy task to break our own record. Even though records are records, if we wish to be active for long, TVXQ’s recorded must continue to be broken by TVXQ ourselves. Even after a long time, we hope that TVXQ’s name will stay forever. We want to become a group that will provide people with warmth just from the name itself.”
Changmin revealed that they usually gather 700k~800k audiences in a Japanese concert tour and he wants to work harder to gather 1 million audiences.

Also, Yunho said, “We are thankful to be active as TVXQ for 10 years. We are even more thankful that we are still able to receive so much love now. We really worked hard to convey a lot in this concert. In the past, we held our concerts with our love for songs and everyone. However, now, when we stand on the stage, we are able to feel and become someone’s dream. We are happy to receive positive energy, and we wish to continue performing sincerely for everyone in the future.”
In response to Yunho’s words, Changmin continued, “Words like ‘we have dreams thanks to the seniors’ spoken by juniors might be empty words but we are grateful to such words. I worked hard without dreams in school when I was young. To be able to become someone’s dreams, I feel thankful and proud. I am grateful to the opportunity given to become a singer like this. We will continue to work hard so as to become someone’s dream when they look at us.”

In regards to how songs were chosen for the concert, Yunho answered, “There are songs that had never been sung (live) before, songs that everyone remembers and songs that have not been sung for a long time, we will present these as the key points.”
Changmin continued, “We wish to create a shared experience through T1ST0RY. With thoughts like ‘people who remembered how TVXQ looked like, the memories and time these people had, will they be able to remember’, we chose (the songs). It will be great if everyone can sing along together happily.”

[trans by: yunjaery]

Yunho composed, wrote the lyrics for and arranged the music for “Bang”, his solo performance for this concert.

Yunho – “Every time we have a concert, I composed songs, but this time around I even arranged the music. I think of it as a surprise present. This is a song created after thinking of vampires after seeing that there is a sexy melody clothed for the new jack swing genre. I wanted to show a colour which is dynamic and different from the TVXQ strong performances.”

[trans by: mug_ping]

Credit pic: OSEN
Credit trans: yunjaery, mug_ping
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