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[TRANS] 140307 Max Changmin’s look, Explosion of charm in between opposite extremes!

Max Changmin has left viewers spellbound with his charms on opposite extremes.

Through his sexy and luxurious dances and singing in music programmes, Max Changmin is giving off a manly charm which makes one want to steal him for herself, while he stimulates one’s maternal instincts to hug him through his indifferent and chic analogue emotive acting in the drama “Mimi”. When he is acting out the period of being a high school student in “Mimi”, he also shows off an appearance of a good looking youth who seems like the male lead of a romance comic.

The group which Max Changmin belongs to, TVXQ, have released the title song of their 7th repackaged album, “Spellbound” and made their full-fledged return through appearances on various music programmes etc starting from March 5.

In addition, he is also active as an actor, taking on the role of a 28-year-old rookie webtoon writer who is tortured because he has lost his memories in the Mnet 4-part drama “Mimi”. Max Changmin, who perfectly shuttles to and fro between the 2 different images, is gaining more attention for his transformation.

The chic Han Min Woo and the powerful and sexy TVXQ’s Max Changmin, the reason why it was possible for him to master the 2 complete opposite images is actually because “Mimi” is a drama which was 100% pre-produced.

Therefore, while netizens are comparing the TVXQ who appears in music programmes and the Han Min Woo in “Mimi”, they are having fun with “Max Changmin’s transformation game”.

In “Mimi”, Max Changmin wears outdoor or padded clothes, and generally shows off a comfortable dressing attire which he does not bother himself with. Through TVXQ, when he is standing on the stage for “Spellbound”, he erases the appearance of Han Min Woo with his dandy and sexy suits attire.

When looking at the Max Changmin who flaunts a performance with the female dancers while actively utilizing cards, there is no trace of the Han Min Woo who plays the guitar while quietly singing.

It feels like the Max Changmin on stage with his wry humour and sexy expressions, and the Han Min Woo who has lost his memories and who continuously expresses his troubles over who he is, are 2 completely different persons.

On the other hand, whether it is on the stage, or in the drama, Max Changmin’s acting through his looks is continually being expressed. Whether he is singing, or whether he is acting, Max Changmin’s big eyes bring focus to his dream-like look which comes oozing out.

When he is singing “Spellbound”, in order to express the feel of a man who has come under a magical spell after meeting a fateful love, he emphasizes on the sexiness by looking towards the side and opening his eyes widely, while he expressed a more gentle and quiet gaze towards somewhere when expressing the various emotions of a Han Min Woo who is confused over who he is.


Credit Trans: mug_ping

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