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[TRANS] 140308 [Entertainment Star World] TVXQ!’s Exclusive Interview

Q: Having worked together for 10 years, what are your thoughts about each other?

Changmin: For me, if there wasn’t Yunho hyung, it seems like I would not have been able to walk on till now. Now the person in front of the camera is curling up his / her fingers (because it’s too mushy hahaha). Really, he leads me as a younger brother well, so it seems like we have been able to walk on well till now without any glitches, and in the future, please guide me well (Yunho: ai~ why are you like this?) I hope you will take care of me well.

Yunho: For 10 years, it seems like this is most important thing. Compared to all other forms of words, it seems like the most important thing was that he has stayed beside me. Good things, difficult / tiring things, happy things, going through them together… and just by the fact of staying beside each other quietly, it seems like this has to be cherished compared to anything else. In the future, I think that, in the same way, to be able to shine even more brightly, we will become the type of relationship whereby we are each other’s support while complementing each other. And although I have said this just now, because Changmin is the type of friend who shines even more brightly as time passes, and because I will be anticipating a lot from him in the future, I will have to be by his side too.

Watch their interview here >>

Credit trans: mug_ping

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