[TRANS] 150111 – Tohoshinki’s “Buyers’-Limited Event” in Osaka to Commemorate the Released of “WITH”

<Osaka venue>
Venue: Orix Theater, Osaka
Date: 11 January 2015
[Round 1] Venue open/Show begins at 15:15 / 16:00 JST
[Round 2] Venue open/Show begins at 18:15 / 19:00 JST
Source: toho-jp.net

Seating Plan at Orix Theater

seating plancredit pic by: @banbi_chibi

Tohoshinki autograph at 3rd floor hall, Orix Theater

B7DPFGOCMAAEgzlcredit pic by: @sayasaru0517

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[TRANS] 141207 TVXQ T1ST0RY Press Conference “Reveals Their Thoughts on The Group’s 4000th Day”

Changmin started with words that triggered laughters, “Personally, I stayed stubbornly like a leech beside Yunho-hyung. And we are where we are now.”
Following, Yunho continued, “Making use of Changmin’s strength, both of us worked hard to display more of our new sides. We wish to surpass limitations to present what we had worked hard for on the stage.”

TVXQ’s concert, as per its name T1ST0RY, is constructed using the group’s ten years of history. A total of 24000 seats are sold out and 28 songs are performed.
During his solo stage in the concert, Changmin took off his top while performing. With regards to this, Changmin said, “I had to stop drinking for 2 months so as to be able to remove my top. There was a trainer in charge of my training and he did not allow me to drink soup, eat chilli noodles or kimchi during the two months. I underwent a tough training, so please take care of me.”

On the other hand, Yunho expressed, “It is not an easy task to break our own record. Even though records are records, if we wish to be active for long, TVXQ’s recorded must continue to be broken by TVXQ ourselves. Even after a long time, we hope that TVXQ’s name will stay forever. We want to become a group that will provide people with warmth just from the name itself.”
Changmin revealed that they usually gather 700k~800k audiences in a Japanese concert tour and he wants to work harder to gather 1 million audiences.

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[Trans] 141117 M-On Ichisan Monthly Artist – B.A.P

Thoughts about live performances

Yongguk: I think rehearsing to show a good stage is important. And this is a given, but it’s not only us who creates a good show, the surrounding staff support is essential. We’re always concerned about the importance of live performances, rehearing day after day, being cautious to always be able to present something good.

Daehyun: What we’re most wary about during live performances are our thoughts towards the fans. Something we always focus on is conveying the lyric’s meaning properly. The vocalists me, Youngjae, Himchan, and Jongup, all of us try to convey the lyric’s meaning. We earnestly and diligently try our very best to convey the meaning within the lyrics in that song.

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[Trans] 141114 Japanese comedian Kazuko Kurosawa on attending TVXQ’s T1ST0RY Concerts in Seoul

Comedian Kazuko Kurosawa, a huge TVXQ fan, has booked her flight to and hotel in Seoul but hasn’t managed to get tickets for the #T1ST0RY concert ㅋ Her colleagues went “Did you join some sort of cult following” and she replied “I will look after TVXQ even after they grow old” ㅋㅋ She said that even if she is unable to secure tickets for the Seoul concerts, wouldn’t it be okay if she just goes to Seoul and can hear the music that escapes from the concert venue..

[cr: Jap-Kor trans by iruka0206 + tx_hm0224 + panee0202]

Credit Trans by: mug_ping
Shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com

[Lyrics+Trans] B.A.P – Coffee Shop


[Daehyun] Achim haessare nuneul tteugo
Haendeupon sigyereul bogo
Eoje junbihan oseul ipgoseo
Seodulleo jibeul naseojyo

[Youngjae] Maeil jeulgyeo deutdeon noraereul
Honja heungeolgeorigo
Iksukhan i bilding saireul
Honja geotgoitjyo

[JongUp] Monday, tuesday, everyday…
Geureokjeoreok nan jaljinae
[Himchan] Chingudo manhi mannago
Yojeumen utneunildo manhajyeosseo

[JongUp] Summer, winter, spring & fall
Siganeun ppalli ganeunde
[Himchan] Wae naneun jejarieseo
Neol gidarineunji

[Daehyun] Neowa gadeon keopisyop
Uri dulmanui keopisyop
[Youngjae] Ni hyanggiga naneun igoseseo
Meonghani anjaisseo

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[Download] EXO’s Kris Collection Pics of January 2014


Download link:

140105 Kris – 2014 Superstar Red & White Ent Awards
140105 Kris – Incheon & Taipei Taoyuan Airport
140106 Kris – Taipei Taoyuan & Incheon Airport
140111 Kris – Beijing Capital & Incheon Airport
140118 Kris – 2014 CCTV Network Spring Festival
140118 Kris – Incheon & Beijing Capital Airport
140119 Kris – Beijing Capital & Incheon Airport
140126 Kris – Oak Valley Snow Park (Snowboarding)

Credit pics: to all the rightful owners
Collected by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com

[Lyrics+Trans] Tohoshinki – Time Works Wonders


Composers/Arrangers: Peter Gordeno, Jamie Hartman
Lyricist: 井上慎二郎 (Shinjiroh Inoue)

晴れ渡る空に 吐息ひとつ落としたら
Harewataru sora ni toiki hitotsu otoshitara
After letting loose one sigh into the clear sky

意地を張ったことが 馬鹿らしく思えてきたんだ
Iji wo hatta koto ga bakarashiku omoetekitanda
Eventually it seemed absurd how I acted so stubborn

時間がお互いを 素直にしてくれたなら
Jikan ga otagai wo sunao ni shite kuretanara
If time made us honest toward each other…

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