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[TRANS] 141207 TVXQ T1ST0RY Press Conference “Reveals Their Thoughts on The Group’s 4000th Day”

Changmin started with words that triggered laughters, “Personally, I stayed stubbornly like a leech beside Yunho-hyung. And we are where we are now.”
Following, Yunho continued, “Making use of Changmin’s strength, both of us worked hard to display more of our new sides. We wish to surpass limitations to present what we had worked hard for on the stage.”

TVXQ’s concert, as per its name T1ST0RY, is constructed using the group’s ten years of history. A total of 24000 seats are sold out and 28 songs are performed.
During his solo stage in the concert, Changmin took off his top while performing. With regards to this, Changmin said, “I had to stop drinking for 2 months so as to be able to remove my top. There was a trainer in charge of my training and he did not allow me to drink soup, eat chilli noodles or kimchi during the two months. I underwent a tough training, so please take care of me.”

On the other hand, Yunho expressed, “It is not an easy task to break our own record. Even though records are records, if we wish to be active for long, TVXQ’s recorded must continue to be broken by TVXQ ourselves. Even after a long time, we hope that TVXQ’s name will stay forever. We want to become a group that will provide people with warmth just from the name itself.”
Changmin revealed that they usually gather 700k~800k audiences in a Japanese concert tour and he wants to work harder to gather 1 million audiences.

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[Trans] 141117 M-On Ichisan Monthly Artist – B.A.P

Thoughts about live performances

Yongguk: I think rehearsing to show a good stage is important. And this is a given, but it’s not only us who creates a good show, the surrounding staff support is essential. We’re always concerned about the importance of live performances, rehearsing day after day, being cautious to always be able to present something good.

Daehyun: What we’re most wary about during live performances are our thoughts towards the fans. Something we always focus on is conveying the lyric’s meaning properly. The vocalists me, Youngjae, Himchan, and Jongup, all of us try to convey the lyric’s meaning. We earnestly and diligently try our very best to convey the meaning within the lyrics in that song.

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[TRANS] Excerpts from Changmin’s Interview in the October Issue of Cosmopolitan

“Changmin said that this was his first time in Bali. Considering that these were words coming out of the lips of the K-Pop star who, while commanding a 1 million fandom over the 10 past approximate years and traversing the entire world, the triviality of it was really endless. Even in the shuttle bus headed in the direction of the airport, and also while in the midst of travelling towards his accommodation in Bali, Changmin continually and repeatedly shot out, “It’s great! It’s really great. Everything’s just great!” Shim Changmin, who had treated the 5 days 3 nights in Bali as if it were a week and meticulously enjoyed himself without any letting up. If it is said that the long period of time during which he moved around within a fixed mould was what created the current him, Changmin now picks up those past 10 years on his shoulders and is gradually becoming more free as he moves along.”

Q: It seems like in order not to disappoint the expectations of the fans or the company, you had given up on many things.

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[TRANS] 140803 JYJ “Just Us” FULL Press Conference Transcript (with Q & A session)

JYJ Just Us showcase, “Our views are in it”

For the first time in 3 years, the group JYJ came back as a whole with all its members.


At5PM last (August) 3rd, in COEX D hall at Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, the group JYJ had their showcase and press conference for their 2nd full album,”JUST US”.

On this day, more than 6,000 fans chosen through lottery attended the JYJ Membership Week fan meeting and showcase. JYJ sang passionately the tracks from their 2nd album ‘So So’, ‘BaBo Boy’, ‘Back Seat’, and ‘Be The One’ which is on their first full album.

After the end of the performance, Park Yoochun announced at the press conference their album after 3 years, ‘JUST US’. He said, “Thank you for going to our showcase. It was really fun. It made my heart flutter since it’s been a longtime since the three (of us) performed and worked together, I’m still thrilled.I’m happy just thinking of how we’ll do the remaining concerts together. This JYJ album after a long time contains a deep meaning.”

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[TRANS] AERA – Cover Story (Yunho)

“Although there are also aspects which I am lacking in, I think that I had put in 100% hard work and effort.”

Amidst his busy schedule, he kept a watchful eye on the script. In the drama “King of Ambition”, one can also see scenes of him holding a (hockey) stick in his role as an ice hockey player.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, he rushed to the studio immediately in that getup. He apologised for the delay in his flight due to the weather conditions, and said “Please take care of me” in Japanese while bowing his head to the staff. These good manners of his have never changed up till this day. And just as always, there were no translators for the interview, he immediately understood / grasped the meanings and intentions behind the questions, and he answered the questions proficiently with a mix of humour.

“No, I don’t speak Japanese that well. I have to become better at it.”

He carries with him his own clear and distinct opinions, and when we showed him the photos we had shortlisted for the cover photo, and he didn’t pick the photo whereby his gaze was evident on his facial expression, but instead chose a photo from another cut and said “This is good”. This photo is the one which became the cover photo.

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[TRANS] AERA – Tohoshinki’s Yunho Interview

In Yunho’s words, “The Way To Realize Dreams”
Not just limited to his activities as the TVXQ who had debuted for 10 years, we are also seeing a new side of him as an actor. His heart as an actor, his usual thoughts, and his dreams of the future…

He is also currently in the midst of his live tour in Japan as Tohoshinki. But on the other hand, he is keen on his activities as an actor. In the drama “King of Ambition” which recorded high ratings in Korea last year, he acted the role of a youth who loved an older “evil woman” till the end.
He said that with capable actors such as Kwon Sang Woo and Su Ae as his counterparts, he immersed himself into acting with a “rookie” mindset. We started talking about his challenge as an actor with his fluent Japanese.

Q: Was there any fruitful things you gained from “King of Ambition”?

A: It was an experience which I have never had before. It was really refreshing to have had to express all the laughter, anger, sadness and joy of the person known as Baek Do Hoon, which I acted as, from his days as a student till his adulthood, and there were also difficult aspects. This drama portrayed the complicated human relationships and the revenge against their loved ones, but I wanted to become the sole pure innocent man amidst all that. I thought of him (the character) as a cool man who lived an upright life, and I wanted to act him out in that way. In terms of myself as a human being too, while acting out those aspects of things which I hadn’t known myself, because I came to learn of and realize those things, for me, Baek Do Hoon became a good teacher of life.
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[TRANS] 140308 [Entertainment Star World] TVXQ!’s Exclusive Interview

Q: Having worked together for 10 years, what are your thoughts about each other?

Changmin: For me, if there wasn’t Yunho hyung, it seems like I would not have been able to walk on till now. Now the person in front of the camera is curling up his / her fingers (because it’s too mushy hahaha). Really, he leads me as a younger brother well, so it seems like we have been able to walk on well till now without any glitches, and in the future, please guide me well (Yunho: ai~ why are you like this?) I hope you will take care of me well.

Yunho: For 10 years, it seems like this is most important thing. Compared to all other forms of words, it seems like the most important thing was that he has stayed beside me. Good things, difficult / tiring things, happy things, going through them together… and just by the fact of staying beside each other quietly, it seems like this has to be cherished compared to anything else. In the future, I think that, in the same way, to be able to shine even more brightly, we will become the type of relationship whereby we are each other’s support while complementing each other. And although I have said this just now, because Changmin is the type of friend who shines even more brightly as time passes, and because I will be anticipating a lot from him in the future, I will have to be by his side too.

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[TRANS] 130111 TVXQ’s Interview with 10Asia

TVXQ’s Changmin: “I Find Joy In The Thought That Today Is Always Better Than Yesterday”

TVXQ’s ‘maknae’ (youngest member). A small and quiet voice. The face of a person who grew up well. These were the few images we remembered of Max Changmin before the interview. Even during it, he was quiet, well-mannered, and gave us a peek at the humor that befits the youngest of the group. With these characteristics, Max Changmin talked about the TVXQ we know today. A group that has a very distinct divide between passionate fans and the public. A group that is creating its identity from scratch yet again. Max Changmin calmly discussed these points that others may have been hurt to hear about. And in that calmness, he is nurturing his competitiveness. He knows he is lacking in his dancing skills, so he works on it like a madman. He is nurturing his competitiveness to “never regress and nurture my promising skills whenever I start something.” The youngest who had always smiled is now starting to let his voice be heard, and he objectively looks back on his team’s progression and thinks of what will come next. He says he keeps moving forward with the thought that ‘There must be something more to come’, and it sounds more like a spell he places on himself rather than a mere wish. So many things have happened, but there must still be something more to come. For TVXQ. For Max Changmin. -read more->