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[Download] B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk Collection Pics from B.A.P’s Young Wild & Free Fansign Event 2015


Download link:
151121 YWF Fansign Event in Shinchon
151122 YWF Fansign Event at Cine Park Mall, Lotte World in Jamsil
151128 YWF Fansign Event at Lotte Cinema in Suwon
151129 YWF Fansign Event at Sinsegae Departmental Store in Incheon
151205 YWF Fansign Event at Union Christian Service Center in Daejeon
151206 YWF Fansign Event at CGI Center in Gwangju
151212 YWF Fansign Event at Hotel Laonzena in Daegu
151213 YWF Fansign Event at Exhibition and Convention Center in Busan
151219 YWF Fansign Event at Jaelart Hall in Sangam
151220 YWF Fansign Event at Pangyo Techno Valley 1st floor assembly hall in Bundang

Password hint: Yongguk’s instagram account

Credits: to all the rightful owners
Collected and shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com


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