Rossi’s View on #SepangClash


Marc Marquez said you took your leg off and kicked him, was it a case of red mist?

No. Marquez knows that is not true, because it is very clear from the image, especially from the helicopter that I don’t want to make him crash. I just want to make him lose time and go out of the line and slow down because also this time, a lot worse than in Australia, he make his dirty game no? When I go wide, wide, wide, I slow down, we almost stop and I look at him to say, “what the hell are you doing?” After we touch and he touched with his handlebar on the right on my leg, and I lose the foot from the foot peg, but if you look at the image from the helicopter it is clear that when I lose the foot from the footrest Marquez had already crashed. So I don’t want to kick him. Also if you give a kick to a MotoGP™ bike, it don’t crash. It is not that you kick the bike; it is very heavy, like this, and he crash. But unfortunately we touched; he wanted to turn because I go very wide and I fell his handlebar on my leg her, on my thigh and I lose the leg on the foot peg. It is like this.

What is your opinion on the sanction you have been handed?
For me is not fair, also because like this, Marquez win his fight! His program is okay because he made me lose the championship. Especially for me the sanction is not good because I don’t want to make him crash purposefully, I just reacted to his behaviour. I didn’t kick him and I didn’t want to make him crash. But you know, you don’t say nothing in the Press Conference, maybe change something. But for me this is unfair; as I just want to fight for the championship with Jorge and the better man win. Like this it doesn’t happen.

Is there anything that you regret?
I don’t know, I don’t want to make him crash, but I had to try to do something. At that moment Jorge was already gone, but I’ve said everything.

Do you think the Championship is over?
It is not over, but this sanction cut my leg and make Marquez win.

Speaking in the Movistar Yamaha hospitality after missing the official press conference that follows the race because he was in an intense discussion with Race Direction, Rossi then corrected his initial statement.

  • “I don’t know if I’ve lost the championship, but it will be very difficult now.”
  • “I think the penalty is too heavy. One point in Misano because I did a mistake on Jorge’s qualifying lap when he already had pole position – and I’ve never taken a point before because normally I am very fair on the track. I did a mistake and for me that was quite heavy already. For this, I’m very disappointed for the three points. He [Marquez] won. He decided the championship and he made me lose the championship. I think that he will be very happy.”
  • “I don’t know if I’ve lost the championship, but it will be very difficult now. These three points give me a big problem for Valencia, because if I am to start from last it is quite impossible. I don’t want to make Marquez crash and that makes it heavily.”
  • “Since Thursday I do not regret, but for sure the reality is that I made Marquez become more nervous and more angry; I made him react in a worse way. But what can you do? If I had said nothing, I think he would have more or less done the same thing. I thought that if you say the truth, it would make him think a little bit more – but his reaction was the opposite. Maybe he prefers Jorge. But in the future now I will avoid him.”

  • “I don’t expect anything, but I think he is very angry from Argentina, because he thinks I did it on purpose. And of course he is very angry for Assen as well. But Marquez is the only rider who tries impossible braking, to put you out of the track – then he gets angry.”

Asked whether he had lost respect for Marquez, just after Lorenzo and Marquez had said they lost respect for the Italian, Rossi coyly replied, “What do you think?”

“The reaction of Jorge in this story I don’t understand very well.”

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