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[TRANS] Excerpts from Changmin’s Interview in the October Issue of Cosmopolitan

“Changmin said that this was his first time in Bali. Considering that these were words coming out of the lips of the K-Pop star who, while commanding a 1 million fandom over the 10 past approximate years and traversing the entire world, the triviality of it was really endless. Even in the shuttle bus headed in the direction of the airport, and also while in the midst of travelling towards his accommodation in Bali, Changmin continually and repeatedly shot out, “It’s great! It’s really great. Everything’s just great!” Shim Changmin, who had treated the 5 days 3 nights in Bali as if it were a week and meticulously enjoyed himself without any letting up. If it is said that the long period of time during which he moved around within a fixed mould was what created the current him, Changmin now picks up those past 10 years on his shoulders and is gradually becoming more free as he moves along.”

Q: It seems like in order not to disappoint the expectations of the fans or the company, you had given up on many things.

Changmin: Fans regard the celebrities whom they themselves like as lovers, you know, because it is to the extent that they will go, “If you want to date, date in secret”. It is of course an extremely apologetic thing to break the expectations or the illusions of those people. But although in that sense no matter how one sees it, it is evident that they are an existence which restricts my personal life, I think that if these people do not exist, I will also not be able to exist. And the company is a an existence I am thankful for, for creating opportunities for me. In reality, as the team called TVXQ comes to experience difficult things, I had thought I would just be able to put an end to my life as a celebrity as it was status quo. It was to the extent that I was having the realization and was prepared to say, “If this does not work out, I will go and study and have to walk a different path”. However, the company created opportunities for us no matter what happened and led us along, and enabled us to be able to come to this day. The fans too, the company too, to me, they made the current me exist, and they can only be described an existence which I am thankful for.”

Q: You will be continuing with acting right? Especially when it seems like it will be interesting to try living a normal life, which you have not been able to experience, through acting.

Changmin: Yes. Of course I have to work hard at it. However, I am the type of character who does not lay out dreams of the far future or draw up ambitious plans. Although I am full of inadequacies because I am not a professional full-time actor, I strive not to struggle / try too hard. Actually, the image of TVXQ on me is extremely strong. How can I erase that? It is because of that, that I exist, and because there are evidently also circumstances whereby I get cast because of that aspect. I just naturally accept and embrace those things and it seems like it is good to live while doing my best in the circumstances which I have been allowed.”

(from the “Contributor” section of Cosmopolitan) Max Changmin’s Bali photoshoot team

Recently, there had been no work trip which had been as comfortable as this. Most of the staff were excited because it was the first time in Bali for them, and amongst these group of people, there was Max Changmin too. Through his own unique gift of gab which is nonchalant yet humorous, he won us over and he enjoyed each and every moment earnestly. We convey our gratitude once again to the staff personnel of Ayana who provided us with a splendid photoshoot venue and to the Korean staff, Justin Moon.

“Following along with the dialogue of a melodramatic drama in a loud voice in the car — Make-up artist, Sung Hi An”

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