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[TRANS] Tohoshinki, Holding a 5 Dome Tour in Commemoration of Their 10th Anniversary Next Year since Their Japanese Debut


Tohoshinki will be holding a Japanese 5-Dome tour for the second time next year and will once again dye Japan red.

Tohoshinki, who welcome their 10th anniversary next year since their debut in Japan, are scheduled to unfold their concerts for a total of 12 rounds in Japan’s 5 Domes, with the tour starting on 7 February 2015 at Fukuoka’s Yafuoku! Dome, and moving on to Tokyo, Sapporo and Osaka.

In particular, following the records of the mobilization of 550,000 people for their 2012 “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~ Tone” tour, 2013’s 850,000 people through the “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2013 ~ Time” which was held for the first time by a foreign artiste with a 5-Dome tour and concerts at the Stadium, and the 600,000 people through “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~ Tree” which was held with Arena tours and Dome concerts with the mindset of meeting fans at a closer distance, and following the creation of the record of mobilizing as many as 2 million audience goers in 3 years, the shortest period of time in history for foreign artistes, the interest in their 2nd 5-Dome tour this time around can be seen to garner even hotter responses.

In addition, the news this time around that a 5-Dome tour will be held was personally announced by the members of Tohoshinki at Japan’s biggest summer music festival, “a-nation stadium fes. 2014 powered by in Jelly” held at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, Japan on 30 August, garnering the passionate cheers and shouts of the 55,000 audience gathered at this concert venue.

Further, at this day’s concert held for a good 5 hours, Tohoshinki got on the stage as the last performer, Tohoshinki adorned this ending stage of the “a-nation” concert, which can only be stood on by singers who possess the best popularity and influence in Japan, for the 4th consecutive time since 2011, proving once again Tohoshinki’s high status.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki will be entering into their 2nd Japanese 5-Dome tour from February 2015.

[Tohoshinki’s 5 Dome Tour Schedule 2015]

12 rounds 07.02.15 – 18.03.15


Credits of schedule pic: 2beTVXQ

Source: NAVER

Trans by: mug_ping

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