B.A.P · Interview

[Trans] 141117 M-On Ichisan Monthly Artist – B.A.P

Thoughts about live performances

Yongguk: I think rehearsing to show a good stage is important. And this is a given, but it’s not only us who creates a good show, the surrounding staff support is essential. We’re always concerned about the importance of live performances, rehearsing day after day, being cautious to always be able to present something good.

Daehyun: What we’re most wary about during live performances are our thoughts towards the fans. Something we always focus on is conveying the lyric’s meaning properly. The vocalists me, Youngjae, Himchan, and Jongup, all of us try to convey the lyric’s meaning. We earnestly and diligently try our very best to convey the meaning within the lyrics in that song.

About training

Youngjae: During the time period before live performances, we adjust [our practice] to the set list over and over during our practice time, and even in the practice room, we do it as if it’s a real performance. The dance choreography in itself is immense and very hard, so the rehearsing is very much exercise already. To practice for a live performance, is the same as a huge training session to us. Rehearsing, the best!

Himchan: It’s great to go on TV, but doing a live performance is really fun. We really place heavy importance on live performances and enjoy them ourselves.

Yongguk: Enjoying performing live is something natural, the same as breathing isn’t it.

The required things for a good stage

Zelo: Don’t be satisfied with current things and realize what is still lacking. To achieve that, I think coming in contact with more and more different music and experimenting is needed.

Yongguk: It’s something that I always feel, but whenever we’re on stage, there’s a part where I think “ahh, this is still lacking.” I believe working hard to perfect the parts you think are lacking is a must. We will work hard from now on as well to create a stage exclusive to B.A.P.

Credits: ko1034
English trans by: cassie_babyz
Shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com


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