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[TRANS] 140803 JYJ “Just Us” FULL Press Conference Transcript (with Q & A session)

JYJ Just Us showcase, “Our views are in it”

For the first time in 3 years, the group JYJ came back as a whole with all its members.


At5PM last (August) 3rd, in COEX D hall at Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, the group JYJ had their showcase and press conference for their 2nd full album,”JUST US”.

On this day, more than 6,000 fans chosen through lottery attended the JYJ Membership Week fan meeting and showcase. JYJ sang passionately the tracks from their 2nd album ‘So So’, ‘BaBo Boy’, ‘Back Seat’, and ‘Be The One’ which is on their first full album.

After the end of the performance, Park Yoochun announced at the press conference their album after 3 years, ‘JUST US’. He said, “Thank you for going to our showcase. It was really fun. It made my heart flutter since it’s been a longtime since the three (of us) performed and worked together, I’m still thrilled.I’m happy just thinking of how we’ll do the remaining concerts together. This JYJ album after a long time contains a deep meaning.”

Kim Jaejoong greeted, “We’re back after a long time. So it’s been good that the three of us are together and we’ll anticipate the things in the future. We want to give and show you something that’s better and good than each of our(solo) activities. We will work hard.”

Kim Junsu captured everyone’s attention, making it clear what he thought: “I feel the same as the other members. First, by releasing an album after 3 years is enough to make me happy. I’m expecting that being together for the concerts this year will give me much power.”

Meanwhile,the announcement of JYJ’s 2nd full album ‘JUST US’ hit the stands on the 29thlast month and made records by placing no. 1 in real-time charts on online music charts as well as proving its popularity with having 120,000 pre-orders.

A total of 13 songs was published in this album, including the title track ‘BACKSEAT’, the members’ solos with Kim Jaejoong’s ‘DEAR J’], Park Yoochun’s ’30..’,and Kim Junsu’s ‘7 YEARS OLD’, as well as a song from the famous American artist Chris Brown, [VALENTINE].

On the 9th at 8PM, JYJ’s ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ will be held at Jamsil’s Main Stadium. There are 40,000 expected fans. The Asia Tour Concert will start at Seoul and it includes Hong Kong and Shanghai (China).


<Q & A part>

1. Introduce ‘BACK SEAT’ and why is it the title track?

Junsu: Back Seat is an Urban R&B song. JYJ being JYJ (T/N: considering JYJ’s previous works), we wondered if picking this song as the title track would make it sound all the more unfamiliar. It felt strange even to us, so I guess listeners will have found it much more foreign. But, this made JYJ want the title track more. Individually, we want it too. Everyone now have become (close to) thirty. These days, I want to express and give an impression of a mature man than an idol. I have thought the song ‘Back Seat’ can show it naturally in music.

2. Please describe and introduce your solos.

Yoochun: I suppose you realized this while watching the showcase but, it’s a very common song, a soothing one. I wish that the song I wrote will make you feel comfortable. I wanted to put an ordinary story. After all, it’s as if we have a comfortable and ordinary conversation. It became a song with a “no matter how much time passes, no matter how many years pile up, let’s live with earnest enthusiasm” message.

Jaejoong: While working for this album, we proceeded by choosing songs that’d be suitable for the (three) members. Rather than saying that we had to bring forth what you’d call a “specific” concept, we selected our favorite songs, ones that are pleasant to the ear. It was the same when I made my solo song: while thinking “let’s try and choose a song that fits JYJ ”even though at that time I was doing rock, I tried to insert the feel that “it doesn’t matter that it’s rock I’m doing”.

Junsu: Mine is 7 years old. It contains the feelings of the past. Didn’t each one of us one time had a fresh (T/N: innocent) love story when we were young? This song makes it possible to try and retrieve such memories once more, it can enable one to soak into childlike innocence again.

3. There are many Mexican fans. Do you think of visiting?

Jaejoong: We’ve been to South America where Mexico is. Unexpectedly, there were many fans. We have received a lot of love from them.When Junsu went (alone) as well, the reactions were passionate. If the three of us can come together, I think it will be good.

Yoochun: I really want to go and meet them. We don’t have an opportunity to come but if we learn that we have (it will be great). We had fun when we went to South America, and if the opportunity arises, I want to go by all means.

4. It has been long since you had a sharp group dance and a chair was used in it(Back Seat). Is there any hard point?

Jaejoong: We started filming the music video while we are having our individual activities. What you can see of the members is an awkward image and the process of remembering the dance was tough as well, but it turned out fun and interesting just by investing a little time in it.

5.Thoughts and preparations for the Asia tour?

Junsu: It’s been long since there was a JYJ album but, it’s been long too since we stood as JYJ on the same stage. We are going to meet the fans who waited for a long time. (We’re) also expecting to find restaurants (TN: for each country’s specialties). That time I had a concert alone, I was really bored. This time it will be special and fun because I have the members to talk with and ask for the local products (T/N: for meal delivery service)and the resulting conversations and messages we exchanged were fun. I’ll be very active for this as well and I’m anticipating it a lot, I think it’ll be fun.

6. A word to the Filipino fans?

Jaejoong: Philippines, I haven’t tried going there than I thought. It’s a place where people give us so much love but, it’s a place we don’t oftenly visit. We were due to go there (T/N: IAG last 2013), I always felt horrible for not being able to. If there is an opportunity, I want to go.

Yoochun: I surely want to go and meet (them). I’ll talk about it together with Changjoo hyung.

Jaejoong: (A reporter gave him an award from the Philippines [T/N: He won the hottest male idol awards for four consecutive years in the Philippine Kpop Awards]) For giving the award, thank you.

7. Junsu and Jaejoong, you had solo albums. How did you combine it this time with the JYJ activities?

Junsu: We made a solo album, that time when the JYJ album came out, we discarded our personal styles. We have tried the R&B and rock genre but, rather than to show the individual colors of music, JYJ will start again at the beginning. Yoochun was surprised. It’s been a long time we sang at a recording studio. Of course, the members believe but, to become worried is apart of it. When I have work, I feel like a ‘Heaven’s singer’. This time, (we)did not lose the tone (T/N: Like, forget singing certain notes and such) and I think that it’s a job well done.

Jaejoong: Unlike when doing rock, this time you have to memorize the performance. It’s been a long time so it was hard but it was good. Because there are three of us, it’s fun also and you can feel the pressure lesser. Yoochun singing is great and also, two of us have colorful hairdo. If Yoochun dyed his hair, I think it will be good and the performances will be much anticipated and interesting.

Yoochun: I don’t want to dye my hair. This is an anticipated concert, the company family will also go together, and if we can talk and meet in the performances abroad, it will also be good.

8. What does the second album emphasizes on? You are together after 3 years. What part do you think did you grown up (T/N: improved)?

Jaejoong: It’s been a long time since JYJ stood (together) on stage. Us meeting personally is different. It’s been a long time since the members met not only to eat, but I think while also becoming more matured inside at the same time. While being matured too, it also forms a pleasant feeling. I want to learn by learning the feelings as friends which is above of being an entertainer and an artist. JYJ, I love you.

Junsu: It’s a similar one for me. First, this album emphasizes on the ‘JUST US’. We just wanted to remain as what it is right now and by not adding anything. For the whole album, (we) chose such music.

Jaejoong: Having no time while the three of us are at the recording studio together, we have been doing work separately. But, the time how the songs were given, the first member who will record the song will capture the feelings first. However, while recording, I also saw that their own individuality was discarded and that the members in order to complete the album process make the colors, and to not forget to think of think of teamwork. I love you, JYJ.

9. What do you mean to each other? And while carrying out solo activities, what does it mean to you to be protecting JYJ’s name?

Junsu: I have said this a lot of times but it’s family. It’s still not changing. If expressed in a short word,it’s ‘step’. If we turned around to our footprints, the three of us are walking in the same direction. In the future, I think that we will still walk on the same direction. I think such point would get along with the word,”friend”. If looking at it, every year, (we) make and talk about the next album. Sometimes, we have time all of a sudden. While living in this world, I can share my joy and pain together and talk with everyone. No wealth can change than what I have with these two people. Like I think their meaning have become more than friends. The members themselves think strongly like in their careers. To feel honorable with the members every year, I think it’s of more intense feeling of appreciation.

Jaejoong: It’s impossible for me to explain it through words. They are an excessively important existence to me. From an outsider point of view, I’ve indeed shared half of my life with them. It’s like a sharp ache in my chest (T/N: the expression used here has the double meaning of afeeling that’s painful yet moving in a good way, touching the heart) – just like what Junsu said, we can see each other whenever we want, they are the members whom I can meet… it’s hard to define but just sitting together and looking at the members, I feel good in a way that makes my heart aches. We sometimes have thoughts such as “you’re going to stay by my side, still?” – that kind offeeling. Without even needing a reason, I’m grateful for their presence.

Yoochun: What I feel is similar to the other members. We split up tasks when working on our music or others simila rthings, that’s what having activities is about, but I want to keep walking with the members always, I want to learn with them, and I think it’d be good if we can preserve our close relationship. Wanting to keep learning steadily, wanting to meet, wanting to try, wanting to talk… doing those things together is fun.When more years will have passed, Jaejoong-hyung and Junsu will still be by my side and I think I’ll then be able to say they made my life special. That’s the kind of friendship we have.

10. Your reasons for protecting/bearing JYJ’s name while having solo activities?

Yoochun: I was busy for some time with solo activities. Even as they increased, I carried them out. The very fact that many fans were waiting for us to release an album as JYJ has a meaning, but in the end, it’s when it is the three of us that I really grasp the feeling behind the expression “as a whole” (TN: literal trans “as a fully body”) – that is how my heart is. Compared to the times when I’m working on my own, I’m sincerely having more fun when it’s the three of us; that’s happiness to me. I wanted us to be together again so badly, and my heart is such that I felt like it was swelling. I felt very sorry that we were unable to present JYJ’s activities in many places.

11.  How do you manage your physical condition?

Junsu: I don’t do anything special, but it’s essential to sleep well. Starting from last month and till now, I’ve been taking sleeping pills in order to force sleep to come as soon as I lie down.

Yoochun: To manage my physical condition… I take Junsu-tonics. Sorry.

12.  What goals do you want to achieve through this new album?

Jaejoong: To relax: this album wasn’t prepared while pressuring ourselves. Targets to attain and the likes, there’s no such thing.It seems to me that a larger number of people will be able to look at us comfortably for that exact reason. But if I were to state one goal, it’d be that the three of us could go around all performances skillfully. It’d be good if no one got hurt, right?

Yoochun: I guess it’d be nice if the album was successful and the company did great. It’d be good if we could make our families’ hearts feel full too. We’re still on our way on that path we will be walking together, and it’s like we are proving that even now, we are doing this together. It’s like one page on the road we’ve followed together.

13.  Is there any part of the performances that you particularly anticipate?

Yoochun: The concert next week. It’s been a long time since we performed as JYJ. I’m anticipating it badly, and especially the fact that foreign dancers will be coming. We planned for the stage to be fully packed, so let’s hope there’ll be no hailstorm.

Junsu: We have some bad memories with hail, but I want the painful memories to turn into good ones. We are preparing enthusiastically, and I’d like to ask everyone to anticipate it a lot.

Jaejoong: Earlier, a reporter said that he went to a GOD performance before and that it was fun. He said that even if there were a lot of mistakes in the concert, there was enough going on for him to enjoy it as he watched. For us, it’s not about making a lot of mistakes (or not) since we barely had any time to get ready and give our very best. Still, we want to show and offer that image: the one of us enjoying ourselves. And it’d be nice if the weather was good. I’d like people to have fun watching.

Yoochun: My own expectations have grown big as well since it’s been such a long time since JYJ last performed. We’re having fun, and this album is important to me. I want to do well and I’m only hoping there’ll be no injury. I really want to hear people talking about how our concert was the best. Although it’s the same for performances, I also want us to get applauses for no other reason than because it was the three of us, it was beautiful. Now,we’re in the middle of preparing for the concert and being more and more enthusiast about it. I want the people who’ll come to see us from now on to feel a lot of warmth from us.


(While waiting for the reporter’s questions)

Jaejoong: Please allow me to have the first question. Junsu-ssi, after the performance, isn’t it not hard to go have an interview right after it?

Junsu: It’s hard. (laughs)

Jaejoong: Yoochun-ssi, you have beads of sweat on your forehead?

Yoochun: Yes, thank you. (laughs)

Q: In the coming 9th is the start of your Asia tour concert. What do you anticipate the most?

Junsu: In various places, we will see fans that have waited for a long time but, the thing that I most anticipate is in each country, they have specialties. And it is to find those delicious food and eat them. (laughs) Last year, when I had my solo concert tour, that time it’s the other way around since I got bored in the evening. This time, I can eat if I will ask for room service and have a conversation with both of the members.

Q: Park Yoochun, what is your health secret?

Yoochun: Junsu is my restorative!

Junsu: Yes?

Q: Activity plans?

Jaejoong: Junsu and I had our hair dyed…don’t you have any plans of dyeing yours, Yoochun?

Yoochun: Yes, I don’t have. (laughs)



Trans by: paulisteu & TVXQsound

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