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[FAN ACC] 140524 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 4

➮Changmin went to backstage to prepare.
Yunho: Everyone can now focus on me.

➮Yunho: Since the start of this tour, we had segments like YH’s dream time. But after carrying out for some time, I realised it’s common.

➮Yunho: I wanted to say something interesting, so I thought of Korean lessons. I want to teach everyone this word “love” today.

➮Yunho: We received love and support from everyone. Also, Yunho is handsome! Yunho is handsome, right!

➮Yunho: The next song is Changmin’s solo. Everyone should know what song this is, you can feel CM’s charisma & attractiveness.

➮The Korean words Yunho taught today: Yunho is handsome.
YH: Everyone say it together
Fans: Yunho is handsome
YH: I know it~

[cr: 永恒的相守]

➮Yunho: Thank you everyone for the encore. It’s finally the last round. Changmin what exactly are you looking at?

➮Changmin: We’ve always present our charismatic side, but we have different kinds of images to showcase too.

➮Yunho: Changmin said the two gags today again.
Changmin: Be it yesterday or today, we kept saying the same topics.

➮Yunho: Today will also become an unforgettable memory. We will continue to sing in the future
Yunho: We hope everyone can continue the journey with us. We will cherish everyone’s thoughts for us. Thank you.
Changmin: This is the best. I feel really blessed and happy today. We will continue to become the hardworking TVXQ.

➮Changmin: I am happy because I don’t have to dance while singing this song (MISS YOU).
Yunho: Compared to that, I am happy because I get to sing this song.
Changmin: Everyone has their preferences.

[cr: W-eternal]

➮Yunho: I reached home at 12:30 am yesterday. slept at 2:00 am; woke up at 10:30 am, and rushed to Tokyo Dome for rehearsal. Actually there’s no problem with my voice at 6 o’clock, but starting from 4 o’clock, be it my throat or my brain, it feels like they are not awake. But as long as everyone is here, 4 o’clock or 6 o’clock or 6:30 o’clock, my throat will be of no problem.
Changmin: If that is the case, then is it necessary what you just said?

[cr: nodako206]

➮Yunho(formal tone): Not very sure if everyone has watched our new single’s short version PV? Our new single will be released on June 11. I’ll stop here (smirking)….. if everyone is interested then…(laughs)

[cr: nodako206]

➮Changmin: Let’s move on to the next song.
Fans: Eh!!!
Changmin: For the next song….(ignoring fans and introducing the song)
Changmin: The next song……….
Fans: Eh~~~~~!
Changmin: Finally, everyone has the same thoughts as me. It’s time for the next song.

[cr: 清新]

➮Yunho: Thanks to everyone, we understand Tohoshinki can continue and we anticipate our futures, too. Henceforth, we want to become someone whom can play, joke, and be straightforward in front of everyone; someone who can understand everyone’s thoughts better. I want to become this kind of artiste.

[cr: nodako206]

➮There was a couple sitting beside, and the guys was pretty muscular. Halfway through the cocnert, I(fan) realized it’s the guy who is the fan(of Tohoshinki) and the girlfriend accompanied him. This guy screamed and sang along with Tohoshinki from the start up to the end of the concert. During MC, his girlfriend asked him to sit down but he said, “No!, I won’t be able to see Yunho”. When Tohoshinki travelled via trolleys to throw the frisbees and balls, even though he is very far away from Yunho, he still shouted “Yunho I’m here! Yunho, don’t go. Yunho, don’t leave!”
His girlfriend has a scornful and helpless expression on.

[cr: nodako206]

Trans. by: yunjaery

➮Yunho’s private life confession.
“Yesterday i went home at 00.00 and sleep at 02.00. Today for everyone, i did rehearsal since 10.30 to do a good preparation. So, my brain hasn’t wake up yet..”

[cr: akapitvxq7]

➮Yunho’s last Greeting.
“Today, Tokyo Dome has finished. There were pressure, but what was most hard to overcome was my confidence in myself. The star of today, because of everyone, I’m so touched. Because everyone’s strengths and supports, i feel that today’s memories will not ever be forgotten.”

[cr: akapitvxq7]

➮Changmin was so high with his bazooka forget his part in “Love love love love” in SOMEBODY TO LOVE

[cr: m_m_tvxq]

Yunho: Everyone, i’m..(sounds effect) Yunfo!!
Changmin: Do i need to do something like that to? But even though i really didn’t want to do it…… everyone, i’m nagasaki changmin!
Yunho: (laughs so hard)
Changmin: Can we stop this stupid act now..

[cr: m_m_tvxq]

➮During Palupapan kids version, Changmin and Dancer-san became children and chitchat-ing

[cr: yuki2min]

➮Changmin, “What a nostalgic song, there were so many happy things. Usually during encore we sing songs with intense dance steps, this time no dance we only sings standing around…”
Yunho, “Which one is fun?”
Changmin, “The ones with no dance.”
Yunho, “For me, it’s the nostalgic song.”

[cr: a2m69]

➮CM: What a long story!!! You have a lot to talk about, arent you?
YH: I don’t know! It’s all AdLib!!

[cr: a2m69]

➮Changmin, “Even though the standing position is trivial… but i have no confidence..”
Yunho, “It’s fine! It’s fine! ah so its time for Changmin to prepare for his solo…”
Bigeast, “Eeeeeh!”
Changmin, “I’m also want to go to the toilet. This is an emergency situation”

[cr: a2m69]

Trans. by: ndyho

➮ Yunho: today it started at 4 so the Dome is still very bright. Everything can be seen clearly.
Changmin: if it is dark, we can be like last time and rest.
Yunho: today, backstage, people were saying that because it’s so bright, nothing weird can happen. So dancers and the band were all nervous.

[cr: na_ta_song999]

➮During GOODBYE FOR NOW, when YH was doing the voice percussion for a long time, CM took away YHs mic and said “that’s enough”

➮fans could hear sam-san giving directions thru the earphones – yunho move right! ㅋ

[cr: pauro2sei]

➮as yunho was beat boxing for too long, changmin grabbed the mike away from him. Yunho covered his face with his hand, smiling embarrassed.

[cr: panee0202]

➮changmin was throwing balls from the trolley, in the direction of some men who were sitting in the front rows. He also threw a frisbees. Yunho too pointed at the men.

[cr: panee0202]

➮Changmin seemed to be in a good mood today; he blew a kiss 4x to the camera during HIDE&SEEK’s I wanna kiss you part

[cr: anywhere4you]

➮Distracted Changmin: during the SOMEBODY TO LOVE Love X4 part –
Yunho: love
changmin: …
Yunho: love
Changmin: love
Changmin had been distracted w his bazooka shooting haha.

➮ after his ending msg, yunho said 감사힙니다 (korean) thank you everyone (japanese) and bowed 90 deg. Thumbs up at the end

[cr: akapitvxq]

➮ while dancing, Yunho’s bracelet dropped. As he had to continue, the dancer picked it up for him. Good teamwork!

[cr: 1017_kuma]

➮During yunho’s kid and sexy version of parupapan, sam-san was seen laughing ^^

[cr: mbmax0526: \(´ω` )/››~♪]

➮ at the end of SOMEBODY TO LOVE, Yunho was running all over the stage and then he lay down like a spoild child. ㅋ

[cr: ayunoya]

➮ As Yunho’s trolley went past her section, she couldn’t help but gush over his muscular arm & Yunho’s handsomeness

[cr: blsunset]

➮Changmin kissed the back of his hand during breeding poison

[cr: kmax0218]

➮Yunho talked about Rika (Toho dancer)’s husband who is the choreographer for Scream and Champion

[cr: panee0202]

➮during Yunho’s korean lesson after fans had repeated back to him – yunho is cool- yunho put his hand on his face and said ‘i know.’

[cr: panee0202]

➮ fan forgot what song it was but yunho was being cute and brisk-walking, shaking his ass.

[cr: uk_fk43]

➮hangmin seemed out of breath, even wheezing and drinking water, with his hands on his knees at one time all before SOMEBODY TO LOVE ended.

[cr: tv2xqjamochacha]

➮when fans called him cute, yunho did an action like squeezing the area between his eyebrows w his handㅋ

[cr: uk_fk43]

➮about fanboys, in the P seating in front of me was an grandpa fan. His support was immense, when he grabbed streamers, he grabbed a lot. Next to me in the same row was a Yunho uncle fan. He even had his own Yunho uchiwa (fan)! He kept his eyes trained tightly on Yunho without once breaking his line of sight. I know this because he and I had the same line of sight; when I turned, he turned. WHen Yunho ran near us, he waved his penlight with all his strength. (t/n: fan is a Yunho fan as well)

[cr: wenerqilei ]

➮Yunho’s hair colour is really wonderful. it’s original colour should be blonde but under the light, it looked like it was white gold (platinum). with his perfect face, it really looked like a god. can’t be more perfect. wearing that black and gold outfit, inside it’s black mesh, when yunho danced with his big and sharp moves, you could see his nipples clearly. everywhere around me you could hear cheers. a nipple glimpse, cheers. a nipple glimpse, cheers……

[cr: wenerqilei ]

➮While Changmin was talking, Yunho was watching with a warm gaze.
Changmin (to Yunho): Do you want me to smile? No problem.

[cr: jyujyucham]

➮Yunho kissed the frisbee before throwing but they all landed in the aisles

[cr: makimarix ]

➮list of changmin’s fanservice to the camera during crazyx3
1) blew a kiss lightly
2) both hands in front of his lips while smiling
3) kept his index finger to his lips while smiling

[cr: mocaminnie]

➮ yunho was very cute while going up the extended stage, he had a clear expression of fear lol.

[cr: godfromeast]

Trans. by: snxy

➮Changmin: Tohoshinki 2014 Live Tour…

➮BE go “EEEEH” as HoMin try to introduce next song, and Changmin said “don’t you want to go home?”

➮Yunho said he’s up since 9 this morning and he’s starting to be tired.
Changmin: Please wake up!

➮Goodbye For Now ^^
Changmin: Everyone this is the last one! A song meant to be sung by everyone together!

➮Yunho: So from here everyone; let’s all do that Palupa~pan together!

➮Yunho: Thank you~ Everyone was it fun? For us Tohoshinki, it was really fun!!

➮Yunho asking for a round of applause for the band, Min doing the same for the dancers ^^

➮Yunho: With this, Tokyo Dome concerts are over. This time again, we’re really glad we could perform here.

➮Asking again to cheer for dancers/band/staff – with special mention of SAM-san

➮Yunho: So, were our feelings conveyed properly??!!

➮Yunho: Really, today… thanks to everyone in Tokyo Dome, we could make unforgettable memories.

➮Yunho: For sure we’ll keep meeting you with good music in the future too.

➮Yunho: We could feel the sincere love from everyone today, I won’t forget, thank you!

➮Changmin: Ah wonderful~ Today was really fun, look forward to seeing Tohoshinki TREE growing! Thank you, we’ll do our best! Please keep supporting us from now on too, this has been Tohoshinki!!

➮Yunho’s last words at Tokyo Dome (Day 4)
“With this, Tokyo Dome is over. The pressure we put ourselves upon our shoulders was the hardest to overcome, but I was truly astonished by the presence/participation of everyone here! Because you’re supporting us with all your heart, today as well I made unforgettable memories.”

[cr: akapitvxq7]

➮Changmin: As usual, today as well we got soaked…
Yunho: Right~
Changmin: But it’s the last day right~ In Tokyo Dome…
Yunho: From the first day, it steadily kept getting hotter in here.
Changmin: Now everyone on the sides please sit. Both Yunho and me don’t need you to stand anymore… sit!!

[cr: a2m69]

➮As Yunho’s beatboxing just kept going, Changmin ended up taking the mic from him. He gave him the ‘not-amused’ look, like thinking “hyung you’re worst”.

[cr: tv2xqjamocha]

➮It seems like for all 4 days, Changmin took the wrong position on the stage during Champion, and that he wasn’t moving as instructed.
Yunho said: Changmin, if you make a mistake again there’ll be consequences! (laughs)

[cr: kynje26]

➮During closing ment, Yunho said that since today’s live started at 4PM, his body still hasn’t fully awoken…

[cr: ynhn26]

➮During “With All My Heart” and “Miss You”, as they both sing on the high bamboo platforms, fans were slightly afraid cos it kept swaying (some weren’t even looking directly). Fan adds that maybe it’s not easy for them to sing emotionally when they probably don’t feel at-ease there.

[cr: tvxq179642]

➮”I thought Yunho’s dancing was a bit off up till B.U.T, and I was wondering if he was in bad condition again. Then during MC he explained.
Yunho: Because it started at 4PM, Yunho’s head is not fully awake yet right… if possible, I’d like all stages to start from 6PM onwards~”

[cr: riwon2525]

➮Changmin: I reeaally want to send everyone home soon~! And as you all came here, our feelings and yours became one, don’t you agree? *laughs* (implying: you want to go home too)
After that he didn’t leave time for Bigeast to go “EEEEEH” and SWEAT started ^^

[cr: k_BoAsoul]

➮When Changmin said “haaaai sekaaaai” alone, Yunho nodded at him with an extremely self-sufficient expression.
Changmin: I want to make it/you my own thing!! (note: double-meaning cos CM kept that sentence vague, and didn’t precise what he was talking abt)
Bigeast: Kyyyyaaaa
Changmin: It doesn’t mean what you’re thinking! I’m saying I want to be able to make that facial expression too!

[cr: yuki2min]

➮Changmin went as far as comparing Tohoshinki + Bigeast to a couple to bribe them and stop the “EEEEEEHH”

➮A fan brought “The Giving Tree” book to the concert. And Changmin-sensei’s words were…
“We only said such a book existed, how can you go and buy it for real??”

[cr: uhmxm32_kpe]

➮Seeing YH cute expressions, CM said he had this kind of cute faces hidden somewhere in him too, while hitting his own chest

➮Yunho made the Pink Lady’s UFO sound effect again and the band joined him.
Yunho: Up till yesterday, I was doing this alone, but since I thought Kakiya-san in the band looked so pitiful I let him join me~”


➮When Yunho made a really flattering introduction of Changmin, insisting on how attractive he was:
Bigeast: Eeeee~~
Changmin: What is this? Someone who doesn’t admire others and simply thinks they’re the best… do I look like I’m this kind of person??
Bigeast: YESSSSS!!
Changmin: “No no I’m not!!”
Yunho: You should leave it up to everyone’s judgment…

[cr: maxt4max, c2hiloee]

➮Ever since Day 2 in Tokyo Dome, during Somebody To Love, Changmin does a “sexy dance” of sorts, using his frisbee to cover his crotch, then his butt, then moving it around his waist, and doesn’t stop until one of the dancer makes him.

[cr: marine_ciena]

➮While CM introduced SWEAT as next song, Yunho was preparing & warming up his ankle, doing small exercises

[cr: u_min0121]

Trans. by: TVXQSound

➮CM: Doyu koto? (t/n: What do you mean?)
YH: Shoyu koto (t/n: Yes / that’s right)
CM said, “(A joke from) years ago” or, maybe his words were, “An old gag”…

[cr: xmhmy5winner]

➮Tokyo dome 4th day. Sam-san’s voice can clearly be heard to the 2 members via their in-ear monitors. “Yunho, left side. Yunho left side” etc


➮Yunho said “A cool performance is very important, but we want to be an artist that can fully understand the feelings of the fans by saying jokes and showing our real ourselves. Tohoshiki was doing our best, targeting the 10th anniversary, and we are still in the middle of our way.”


➮Changmin, seeing Yunho make many funny faces, said, “I want to master that ability, too.


Trans. by: yunhosmiley

➮CM: Next song is our new song
Fans: fu~fu~fu~
CM: I want to send everyone home soon, NEXT!!!
Fans: Ehhhhh!!!!!!!!!

➮Yunho: Finally Tokyo Dome came to an end. there was much pressure, too…and overcoming ourselves is always the hardest thing. I was really touched because everyone was here, stayed by our side and supported us with all your heart. Today, we successfully created one more unforgettable memory again.

Trans. by: pearls_purple

➮During GOODBYE FOR NOW, when YH was doing the voice percussion for a long time, CM took away YHs mic and said “that’s enough”

➮YH said that he went home at midnight last night, when to sleep at 2am and woke up at 1030am. He is more awake for a 6pm start time than 4pm

➮Apparently they hear Sam san and other staffs voice in their ear monitor, saying “no not there”, “Yunho move left” etc.

➮During Champion, apparently CM stood in the wrong place at 1 and not 1.5 and heard cold voices in the ear monitor saying “1.5, 1.5”

➮During SOMEBODY TO LOVE, Yunho rolled on the floor, raised and wiggled his legs up in the air and said “motto motto mawashite!” (Keep spinning the towel)

Trans. by: yumin2618

➮During Good Days, Yunho was humming and smiling during Changmin’s part

[cr: sivasingh]

➮Changmin: I was thinking of resting a bit so everyone please take your seat.
Bigeast: (sitting down while being noisy and screams of) “CHANGMIN!!!!and YUNHO!!” are heard everywhere.
Changmin: Those “CHANGMIN! YUNHO!” are unnecessary so please just sit down.
Bigeast: LOL (but still being noisy)

Trans. by: clefaire

➮Yunho’s Korean Lesson
After he reviewed what he has taught the last 3 days….
Yunho: Today is special so let me teach you new Korean. ” Yunho is cool!” / “Yunhoneun meosjyeo!”
Bigeast: Yunhoneun meosjyeo!
Yunho: I know!!!!
Yunho looked so satisfied hearing the entire venue saying that he is cool though XDDD
Yunho: Yunho is cool, not cute. Cute is “gwiyeoun”
Bigeast: gwiyeoun!
Yunho: Yunho is cool, not cute, okay?
Bigeast: Yunhooooooooooo!!! gwiyeoun!!!!!
Yunho: I’m not cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!

➮From Yunho’s KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN solo dance:
Yunho did one-hand stand wIth blowing a kiss ❤

by: LuvTV2XQ

Credits source: bumblebeeniee , yunhoparadise
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