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[FAN ACC] 140523 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 3

➮Tohoshinki: Good evening everyone we are Tohoshinki. Welcome to Tohoshinki Tree Tour live in Tokyo Dome! Is everyone enjoying?

➮Yunho: Hello everyone, I am Yunho. Everyone please continue to be high to the end!

➮Changmin: Hello everyone, I am Changmin. Let’s sing and dance together, enjoy it and be high!

➮Yunho: Is everyone ready?
Fans: YES!
Changmin: Let’s move on to the next song. They’re performing Cheering now~

➮Tohoshinki: Hello everyone! We are Tohoshinki. Changmin is asking fans to sit down and rest now

➮Yunho is doing his personal introduction now and he’s humming to some cute melody

➮Yunho is asking everyone to revise the Korean phrases they learned from previous concerts

➮Yunho said he lost 2kg after having concerts in Tokyo Dome these three daysㅋㅋ

[cr: 永恒的相守]

➮Fans (to Yunho): So cute!
Yunho: Don’t react!
Fans: SO CUTE~!
Yunho: Stop reacting!
CM: Please stop, noisy!

[cr: 永恒的相守]

➮CM went to backstage to change.
Fans: EH! CM: HA!
YH: Everyone, CM is inside (backstage) already, please don’t focus on him now~

[cr: 永恒的相守]

➮Tohoshinki asking fans to give applause to band members, dancers and staffs

➮Yunho said he felt the warmth from everyone today and so he used 3x more of his body condition to perform.

[cr: 清新]

➮Yunho: Everyone we are?!
Fans: T!!!

➮Changmin: I thought it’s not right to not eat the food that Yunho didn’t eat because he was dieting, so I gained weight.

[cr: linnea_lilili]

➮Yunho: But Changmin has a good figure so it’s fine even if he grows a bit fatter. Changmin: ._.

[cr: linnea_lilili]

➮When Changmin is preparing to leave the stage to prepare for his solo, fans were waving their lightsticks to send him off.
Changmin: In the past, whenever I’m leaving, everyone will scream loudly. Now, you all are waving goodbye to me. (Mimicking how fans were waving)
Yunho: No, I heard someone shouting for Changmin not to leave.

[cr: 清新_02181208]

➮Tohoshinki asked people to raised their hands if they know the song MISS YOU 8 years ago.
Yunho: Everyone was still young at that time.
Changmin: Let’s get ready to move on to….
Fans: Eh………….
Changmin: I don’t really get to hear everyone’s voice recently.

[cr: 清新_02181208]

➮Yunho: I said a lot just now, didn’t I? Then, a voice from the backstage came, “definitely don’t delay the time again..!”
Changmin: This si because there’s a closing time here, too. If you delay long, the staffs will be brought away by the police. (Imitating how the police handcuff the criminal)

[cr: homichoko Chi. trans. by 世界第一西皮]

➮Yunho: To us, the biggest topic is no doubt “how to exceed ourselves.” Thanks to everyone we completed the Dome Tour performances successfully last year. Therefore, while preparing for this tour this year, we had huge stress. But now, because we really love everyone a lot, we believe inserting all our feelings to sing is the most important. From today onwards, we want to work hard with everyone to grow.

[Chi. trans. by 世界第一西皮]

Trans. by: yunjaery

➮When Changmin was about to go off and prepare for his solo, everyone started waving their lightsticks as though to send him off.
Changmin: Previously, when I needed to go off-stage to prepare, everyone would say ‘Changmin, don’t go.’ Why not today? Now everyone’s waving their hands to send me off.
Yunho: No, I heard someone shouting for you not to go.
– When Changmin started to leave, the audience started shouting at him not to go –
Changmin: Ha..

[cr: APO + qingxin + ness]

➮Miss You:
Yunho: Those who know Miss You from 8 years ago, raise your hands. At that time, we were still very young.
Changmin: It’s about time we have to prepare…
Fans: EHHH
Changmin: Recently, I can’t seem to be able to hear everyone clearly.. Let’s move onto the next song.
Fans: EHHH
– Changmin did a wide-eyed blinking expression –

➮Yunho had said he lost 2 kg after 3 days of TokyoDOme.

[cr: W-Eternal + ness]

➮Fans: (to Yunho) Cute!
Yunho: Don’t react!
Fans: Cute!
Yunnho: Don’t react
Fans: Cute!
Changmin: Please stop, it’s so noisy.

➮When Changmin left to change his clothes:
Fans: EHHH~~
Changmin: Ha!
Yunho: Everyone! Changmin has already gone backstasge. Please don’t focus on Changmin anymore.

➮TVXQ wore green shirts today, band members + dancers wore pink

[cr: tv2xqjamocha]

➮Changmin did Rambo gun sounds and Yunho got ‘shot’ and fell wwwwwww

[cr: yukowaku]

➮Yunho said he had lost 2 kg over the course of the 3 days of Tokyo Dome. Changmin said he ate and drank a lot in his place. Yunho then said Changmin has a nice body

➮Changmin: Please drink more in the future.
Yunho: Yes, thank you.

➮Changmin, stop being such a hyung pabo!! Yunho was chewing gum when the camera went towards him. Changmin: No matter what face (expression), he still looks so cool. Yunho smiled embarrased, in response and both exchanged smiles.

[cr: panee0202]

➮At the end, after Yunho had finished hugging the band members and returned to the middle, Changmin (to Yunho) said: ‘Long’ (t/n: Yunho had taken a long time to come back.)

[cr: panee0202]

➮At the ending MC, Yunho said he had used up 3 x of his body strength for the concert today!

[cr: tv2xqjamocha]

➮Changmin threw a ball to boy who had come with his dad. Good catch!

[cr: mcm_0218]

➮Changmin: When a song like Champion plays, you get goosebumps when you appear in front of a crowd of 50,000 people waving their red penlights.

[cr: crazy_for_UKnow]

➮Yunho: Tohoshinki will not be defeated! Because of you guys, Tohoshinki will not be defeated!!

[cr: bigeastxxonipam]

➮Changmin throwing kisses during Hide & Seek

[cr: tv2xqjamocha]

➮When Changmin talked about having goosebumps at the start of Champion after seeing the Red Ocean, Yunho went: Incredible grip isn’t it?
Fans: -noisy- (t/n: yunho made a mistake here – he should have said drive or power or strength not grip)
Yunho: I am Japanese Yunho [t/n: from the FA- I think he meant to say he was purposely speaking formally / on ceremony to cover up his choice of word]

[cr: crazy_for_Uknow]

➮Yunho: Changmin has a nice body.
Changmin: Yunho is cool. Cool Yunho. Yunho is cool.

[cr: YxCxY_0212]

➮After Changmin referred to himself as Nagasaki Changmin, he mock-angrily stomped and kicked the water bottle off the stage and then came back. wwww

[cr: themax218]

➮Even tho the boys were tired, Yunho said thks to e warm feelings of everyone, their power came out 3x stronger! TT

[cr: yu7cha2]

➮changmin’s ending message: thanks to everyone, it was really enjoyable today.
fans: ~~ murmuring ~~
changmin: i hope in the future, I would like you all to continue to grow with the Tohoshinki Tree. Thank you in advance.

[cr: mocaminnie]

➮during the parupapan, child version
( ∵ ) paruppan ♫
( ∵ )Paru pappa -ki -yakyakyakya ♫
(´・J・`)…are you unwell?

[cr: uuumignon]

➮when asking about who had read ‘the giving tree’ again changmin said: the ppl here don’t read that much.

[cr: yukowaku]

➮during STL the two were really cute and playful. changmin fell down laughing. both were like big kids.

[cr: liy_tvxq]

➮Changmin lay down laughing stretched out like a big baby in SOMEBODY TO LOVE

[cr: liy_tvxq]

➮today, changmin was dangerous with his bazooka shooting balls everywhere. www

[cr: satokiho]

Trans. by: snxy


➮”Everyone good evening! We are Tohoshinki! Welcome to Live Tour 2014!!”

➮Yunho: “Please keep the tension high and enjoy the concert till the end!!”

➮Changmin: “Everyone, till then let’s sing and dance and have fun! Minna-san yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

➮Yunho: “Super hot in Tokyo Dome today! Everyone OK??”
Bigeast: “OK!!!”
YH: “OK?!”
Bigeast: “OK!!”
Changmin: “Then next song!”

Trans. by: TVXQSound

➮Tonight MC part, Changmin pretend to shoot Yunho then yunho shaking and lay down on the stage like dying ~ funny

➮Yunho’ s jacket open when dancing half of the song Keep your head down …… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

➮Yunho shout out “皆さん大好き” when the song somebody to love …… we love you too !! Cute and gentle

➮Yunho said he lose 2kg today, now you are perfect but please eat more, don’t be sick

➮End song goodbye for now Yunho try very hard to sing his solo part, extremely kawaii (≧∇≦) even himself he feels shy too ^~^

➮Yunho today feeling high and he lay on the main stage, scream with fans together, great and exciting

by: lovehug48

➮Before Changmin left the stage to get ready for his solo..
Changmin: I actually feel lonely…because fans were used to say “Ehhhhhhh! No Don’t go Changminnnnnnn!!!!” when I leave for back stage. But now, they are all like waving their hands like “see you later.” :((((
Right after Changmin said so, Bigeast goes like “Ehhhhhhhhhh~ Changmin, don’t gooo!!!”
Changmin: You don’t mean it.
Then Changmin left the stage, but Bigeast kept calling out his name…
Yunho: Changmin left alreadyyy!! Now pay attention to Yunhoooo!!!!

➮Closing Speech
Yunho: It was so much pressure to go on with this tour. Because TOHOSHINKI got to beyond TOHOSHINKI. but I realize, we sing because we love our fans. Please support us for a looooooooooooooooooooooong loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!!!!!

➮VERY IMPORTANT FANACC! Yunho’s yunho was…..on his RIGHT tonght!!!!!

[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

➮Yunho’s underwear was BLACK tonight!

[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

➮Yunho: Tokyo Dome was very hot! I have sat a lot already!!! This Tokyo Dome Day 3, right? I lost 2kg. since Day 1.
Changmin: You have to eat a lot. I’m like eating and gaining weight XDDD
Yunho: You are always on good shape. You can put weight more.<3

by: LuvTV2XQ

➮Yunho always says at the end, “Mata aeru kara ne (t/n: we can meet again)”, but today he said “Mata itsuka (t/n: lets meet one day in the future) walking backstage. When I heard it, I became sad…the day seems to be near….


➮ There was a girl who seemed to be Shim-san’s taste, sitting around the 1st floor stand, seat number 170 or so. He threw at least 4 balls and 2 frisbees to that direction.


Trans. by: yunhosmiley

Credits source: bumblebeeniee , yunhoparadise
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