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[FAN ACC] 140521 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 2

Yunho: Tokyo Dome is burning (with passion) since just now. Everyone please follow us Tohoshinki to sing and dance to the end!

Changmin: I want to chat with everyone properly so everyone please sit down.
After everyone sat down, Changmin said, “But some people have already been resting since just now.”
Yunho: When the camera was just scanning the audience, I see some people already relaxing.(laughs)

Changmin said his Chanpon Changmin nickname is weak. He met someone last year and asked how to make everyone laugh. In the end, the someone said just saying any kind of noodles and make jokes out of it. Changmin unhappily said the someone gave him a casual answer.

Trans. by: yunjaery

opening mc (cr: apo+ness) Tokyo Dome D-2
Yunho: Hello everyone. We are Tohoshinki. Welcome to everyone here. Is everyone okay today? Today’s hot, isn’t it? [t/n: fans say it was cold and wet though… >___>)
Changmin: Hello everyone, I am Changmin. Let’s sing and dance together until the end!
Yunho: Is everyone ready? Everyone, okay? Okay! Let’s listen to the next song.

yunho was very happy at the sight of the penlights

[cr: meguimin39nino]

today Changmin was Shim Changmin and not Nagasaki Changmin

[cr: bigeastxxonipam]

Changmin had lifted a bit of his shirt during the sexy version of Paruppapan GFN – big big big service. Death.

[cr: yukowaku]

yunho: from the stage, the penlights were so beautiful. i am very happy. i am singing now because of everyone.

[cr: mocaminnie]

during SOMEBODY TO LOVE changmin lifted the hem of his shirt to wipe his sweat and also showed off his tummy

cr: chamishin

Changmin aimed a ball at a small child, wearing a baseball cap. And he caught it well! ^o^ Boy’s hero is Changmin!

[cr: 19mkt]

Yunho said his ending greetings loudly with a happy face, thanking fans for the surprise event. Fans started crying again.

at the ending greetings, Yunho was so happy his face was red from his smiling. We really thank you, Yunho

[cr: MaringoH]

Yunho: Pls raise your hand if u’re a teenager! \ はーーーーい!! /
Changmin: Surely, that’s not a teen! ww

[cr: kkvkku]

Changmin had his thumb in his mouth like a baby 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

[cr: you_uknow0206]

During Miss You, Changmin went to the centre stage to look for water, while singing. During the encore talk, he said sorry for the mistake (t/n: stage direction), Sam-san.. I am sorry. Can you hear me? Sam-san, I am sorry.

[cr: yun126chan] [t/n: Sam is Tohoshinki’s choreographer and stage director]

Yunho’s ending words:
I was really happy with the good stage. I felt that this was because of the power I received from everyone. The penlights were beautiful. Thank you. This is the number 1 stage.

[cr: sunrise_902]

’Tokyo Dome. Everyone who was waiting for us!’ Yunho. He stood with his arms open

[cr: a2m69]

During I Love You, staff were wiping up the stage with a rag in their hands. At the end, Yunho thanked the staff who were working hard behind the scenes and asked for a round of applause.

[cr: shokorara]

During the MC after Miss You, Changmin said Aigo (Korean) while drinking water. Yunho noticed & went ‘Eh? What?’

[cr: CMkeiYH]

When talking about Miss You being from 8 years ago, Yunho had asked if there were teens. Changmin said you can tell from the haircut of those people that raised their hands that they aren’t teens!

[cr: mocaminnie]

Changmin’s co-star in Fly With Gold, Toshiyuki Nishida was sitting in a balcony seat

[cr: homin_yc]

Yunho’s really leaner now, of course nothing major has changed. but changmin has become bigger (// ∇ //)

[cr: panee0202]

Today, even in the middle of the song (BUT), Yunho was smiling. So cute.

[cr: minhonggi]

Today’s OCEAN, Yunho and the dancers, when they were lined up, were crouched in a starting position.

[cr: uuumignon]

maybe because the 2 were high from the beginning, yunho seemed tired towards the end.

[cr: aaacco0218]

yunho looked into and pointed at the camera. fan thought he looked so cool and felt her heart got pierced. ww

[cr: kumtt12]

Yunho seemed shy when teaching his Korean lesson and it was really cute ~~
・恩に着る – 은혜를 입다 – to reap the benefits
・恩返しする – 은혜를 갚다 – to repay one’s kindess
・皆さんに会えて嬉しいです – 여러분에 만나서 반가워요 – everyone, i’m pleased to meet you.
・かわいい – 귀여워요 *NEW WORD* – cute
・恥ずかしい – 부끄러워요 *NEW WORD* – embarrassed / ashamed

[cr: 268242356 + babyleeteuk]

Tokyo Dome D2 ment (after Good Days)
Changmin: Really want to talk properly with everyone. Everyone, please sit.
– after fans have sat down –
Changmin: But some of you were resting right from the start.
Yunho: Just now when the camera swept over the audience, I noticed some people looked really comfortable. 😀
Changmin: Actually I wanted to be gentle to everyone, looks like it won’t be that way!

[cr: fay+ness]

Trans. by: snxy

Yunho & Changmin: Good evening everyone!! Welcome to 2014 Live Tour TREE!

Yunho: Everyone in Tokyo Dome, feeling alright??! Are you happy today??!! Let’s keep the tension high from here!!

Changmin: From the beginning, energy in Tokyo Dome is high! Together with Tohoshinki, let’s sing and dance till the end!

Yunho says the audience is really energetic, “YABAI ne~” and Changmin says they’ll get tired too soon

Yunho: Boku wa dundundun durudundundun… Yun~Ho~

Changmin is embarrassed then in really small, shy voice “Nagasaki-chanmin”

Changmin said he doesn’t really want to do that “Nagasaki-chanmin” thing

Yunho says Changmin’s self-introduction is just fine (Bigeast says YESSSS), and adds he could do smght like “ChangChangMin!”

CM: Kono album no title wa?
Bigeast: TREE!!!!
CM: HAaaaai Seeekaiiii

Changmin asks to do it again & HoMin do “Hai Sekai” together – just after saying they shouldn’t cos it hurts their throats

Yunho explaining about the meaning of TREE album – growing together like a family

Wrapping up the serious talk with another “Haaaai Sekaiiiii”

CM: Asking fans to say “ookina ki” (Big Tree) in English
Bigeast: ???
CM: As I thought, you don’t know

YH: From now, together with everyone, let’s protect this Tohoshinki TREE!

CM: We’ll keep doing our best to present you Tohoshinki’s cool dance and songs
YH: hai ganbarimasu~

So Changmin is really leaving this timeand Yunho complains about being lonely

Yunho: This year I’ve been talking about dreams right..I wanted to have more nice dreams to talk abt but there’s no more so…

Yunho: Korean corner!!!

Yunho is teaching them “I’m glad I’m able to meet everyone” (minna ni aete, ureshii desu)

YH teaching them to say something along the lines of “It’s embarrassing when you say I’m cute”

Yunho: boku, kawaii-janai kara ne~

Even when they just sing the chorus normally – ending it as “We Are”, audience answers “T!!”

Waaaah Min’s super high “WE ARE” at the end!

Bigeast calling out their names and shouting ‘ganbatte’ + other encouragements during Tree Of Life music intro ^^

Talking about “Miss You”
YUnho: It’s a past song so it’s a little song… everyone, was it nice??
Bigeast: YESSS

YH asked fans who were here 8 years ago to shout^^ Then asked something else but apparently mixed up words & CM corrected him

Introduce next song~ Bigeast screaming all other the place and Yunho asked the band to play smthg to make them quiet

Changmin: Everyone… you don’t want to listen to it? *desperate voice* LOL

CM: Next song….”
YH: Mmh nan-desuka? /feigning not to hear/

According to fans, lyrics are on screen during SWEAT. Yunho’s low voice part goes “touch in the wind, addicted every night”

Yunho: Minna hontouni……. ARIGATOUUUUU!!!!!

Changmin: alright~ (in English)

YH: Everyone! Let’s do that Palupa-pan together!


CM: I, Nagasaki-chanmin, became very happy today!

YH: So was today fun/great?
Bigeast: YESSSS!!
YH: Yes~ Today was truly wonderful!! (subarashii)

YH: Today… we really could feel the power from singing with everyone, I’m very thankful. Thank you for today!!

Changmin asking for another round of applause for staff/dancers/band before talking

CM: Was today fun??
Bigeast: YESSSS
CM: Seeing everyone’s smile today made me really happy!

YH: Yeah… today’s stage was the best, once again.

YH: In all those years, a lot happened right?
then speaking about songs
YH: I’ll continue singing them cos I love you all!

Changmin speaking about the fanproject ^^

CM: I want to keep protecting that TohoshiKI forever with everyone! (again the pun with KI=Tree (kanji))

Changmin: kamsahabnida~

Yunho said “minna suki dakara”

About Miss You
YH: It’s a song from a long time ago so it feels a little nostalgic. Everyone, did you enjoy it??

During “Palupa-pa~n” sexy ver, Changmin turned up his T-shirt and you could see his stomach

[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

Most important fact of day: black underwear for Yunho & Changmin lol

[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

During the 2nd “Parupa~pan”
Changmin said: “it’s not Nagasaki-chanmin!! It’s Shim Changmin!”

During MC, Changmin said he felt unhappy/disappointed at his own self-introduction

[cr. kumi_tvxq0206] (By “disappointed”, Changmin means that he thinks Nagasaki-chanmin is a terrible way to introduce himself )

Asking Yunho to stop beatboxing after Goodbye for Now:
CM : Mou yamero!!!
YH: ….sumimasen! *bows*

Yunho: Because everyone gave us such bright smiles, today I became equally as happy!

[cr. namishichimi]

After ENCORE song (Miss You), Yunho asked people in the audience to raise their hands:
1. People who were already listening to “Miss You” 8 years ago (quite a lot)
2. Among those people, those who are now in their 20s? (sparse)
3. And still among those people, those who are still in their 10s? (only a few hands here and there)

[cr. kumi_tvxq0206]

Both looked moved by the fanproject:
YH: Today I’m really happy, thank you!
CM: Everyone, the penlights…it’s really pretty!

Other sentence during Yunho Korean class: お隣さんと言い合ってください » “Please don’t argue with the neighbors”

[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

Security guards were trying hard to hold back laughter during HoMin self- intro MC but they ended up laughing^^

[cr: uknowpako01]

Changmin apologized full-force to SAM-san after he took the wrong position next to the water supplies (?)
Changmin: Sam-san, an you hear me??! I’m really sorry I did a mistake!! I shouldn’t have gone that way!!
Yunho: It’s fii~ne! You did really well~

[cr: Q6x0v2T0]

HoMin talked about the bamboo lifters (= high solo platforms during ballads) and how they sway ‘dangerously’.
Changmin said “it never even occured to me that maybe I could be afraid on those” (while according to fans, Yunho does look a bit wary when he’s up there lol)

[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

”Thank you for waiting for us, I’m Changmin! From the beginning the excitement is great right??! Today till the end, I want everyone to laugh and enjoy themselves! Thank you for today everyone!”

[cr: yuuui427]

Trans. by: TVXQSound

Yunho: Light sticks are so greatly beautiful! Thank you very much for this (YH said with happy face)

(Yunho’s special Korean course) Although Yunho doesn’t like to be called “CUTE”, he taught people the word “CUTE” in Korean (귀여운) and Fans started fluttering the word “Yunho~gwiyeoun” on their lip. Even Yunho taught them the word “COOL” in Korean, too but they still don’t stop keeping calling him “CUTE”

Both Yunho and Changmin were in deep emotion when they saw the line「TOHOSHINKI FOREVER」which is written in green color emerging on the surface of white light. Yunho was overcome with emotion that he only could say “Thank you”

『Easy Mind Part』Today, Changmin did heart-shaped to Fans by both hands, Yunho also did it as well and his face turned red after doing it…hahaha too cute xD

CM: Aigoo~~ (While he was drinking water)
YH: CM, what’s up? (laugh)
CM: aigoo~things like this…is bad??

[Pa-lu-Pa-Pan Part]
YH: Next! Changmin-sensei!!
CM: I’m Shim Changmin NOT Nagasaki-Changmin!!! OK, Correct~~
Yunho: I’m Shim Changmin NOT Nagasaki-Changmin!!! OK, Correct~~ AHAHAHAHA

YH: Is there anyone who knows this song from 8 years ago?
Fans: Yes
CM: Ah~ there are some people telling lies.
YH: I have a good thought like this. Is there anyone who are in 20’s or 10’s (teenagers)?
Fans: Yes (said while they were raising their hands)
CM: No matter how many times I see, there are people who are not in 10’s but still raise hands. Stop it, please!

Yunho: I’m not cute. I’m cool !! I’m a cool man!! A greatly cool man!!

Trans. by: pearls_purple

YH: I t hink its time for the next time nee..
Fans: eeeeee
CM: the next song is the new song..

YH: are you having fun??
Fans: yesssss
YH: today was so awesome

During GOODBYE FOR NOW when Yunho’s beatboxing, Changmin grab his shoulder and says” stop it”

[cr: m_m_tvxq]

Last greeting.
YH: Everyone, thank you for the penlight project na~

[cr: mametas26]

CM : Aigoo.. (drinks water)
BE: Kyaa~
CM: What? Is it something bad?

[cr: m_m_tvxq]

CM: Sam-san, i said sorry did you hear me? Sorry!
YH: It’s Ok. It’s fine,fine. He’s a good hyung.

[cr: mocaminnie]

Checking everyone who knew Miss you since 8 year before
Yunho: People in the 20s???? People in the 10s?? (teenagers)
Changmin: I see people who are not teens raising heir hands when you said teenagers ne…

[cr: mocaminnie]

Anyway,today’s camera service was massive. Winks,showing abs,throwing kisses. Please put in the DVD

[cr: yukowaku]

Opening Ocean Changmin says, “Ooga! Jaka! Tokyo Dome Say what!” so fast

[cr: shioessen]

Trans. by: ndyho

Feel dog (co-staring with Changmin in Wooye) was in the venue with his group BIGSTAR. One of them is a big YUNHO fan.

[cr: mymyj0206]

Trans. by: xx__0_0__xx

After the surprise event (TOHOSHINKI FOREVER) Changmin said, “I was thinking what was that FOREVER means. It may be different for each persons. But for me, FOREVER means to protect the TOHOSHINKI TREE as long as I breathe.”

[cr: taaichooo]

Yunho & Changmin’s underwear was BLACK tonight!!

[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

Pa-lu-pa-pan sexy version! Changmin flipped his t-shirt up little and showed off his belly!!

[cr: yuki2min]

Trans. by: LuvTV2XQ

today.tooooo bigeast line

tohoshinki for ever was the message of the penlight event

Yunho at the end said “Before I wanted to show everyone a cool performance and sing good songs but now becauseI LOVE YOU ALL that I wan continue.”

Changmin said after reading the message of penlight “This might have many meaning, but for me I wanna continue protecting the TOHOSHINKI TREE.”

Yunho:….really happy. I met everyone.

I’m so excited after concert…I feel so blessed and proud to be their fan….they are really amazing words cant describe…really. Yunho Changmin…….thank you. Cant sleeeep….I still feel so excited…really today was the best….these 2….they were damn amazinggggggggggg……aaaaaaish!!! In ballads they make you cry…….in dance song your breath will be taken away from the amazingness….and their norinori songs…you will feel soooo happy. But more than anything….their smiles…..they reaaaaaally looked happy…and that’s above anything else….

by: loveyunhosama

TVXQ TREE TOUR in Tokyo Dome- Changmin’s last greeting.
Changmin looked at the word, “Forever” and said, “I thought about the word, forever. As long as I exist, as long as I’m breathing, I will continue to protect the tree called TVXQ.”

Trans. by: la_dolce_vita_8

Credits source: bumblebeeniee , yunhoparadise
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