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[FAN ACC] 140520 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 1

Yunho: Hello everyone we are Tohoshinki. Everyone is energetic~ let’s continue (concert) seriously~
Changmin: Do it seriously!
Yunho said he wants to do a serious introduction: “Dun dun dun~ dun~ I am Yun~ho!”

Yunho shouted he wants more male fans and Changmin replied he wants too. Yunho is too blur today. When he was learning, he had this very serious expression but it seems like his eyes were aching so he quickly rub his eyes. Second time, he purposely used a deep tone to talk but he choked on his own saliva. [cr: nodako206]

Changmin said that both of them were so excited for Tokyo Dome that they couldn’t sleep, and Yunho was watching a movie. It was so loud that Changmin couldn’t sleep. Yunho then apologized for it. LOL [cr: nodako206]

Yunho: I was quite troubled on what to say when I am alone because I have so much about dreams. However, it’s not every time when I sleep I get to dream, analyzing dreams are becoming harder, too. So, today shall be Yunho’s Korean Lecture.
Fans said he’s cute and he replied he’s not.
HAHA.. [cr: nodako206]

When Changmin did his introduction he said, “Hello everyone. I am Chanpon Changmin”.
(T/N: A famous noodle dish in Nagasaki, similar pronunciation as Changmin’s name)
After that, he added on, “Instead of calling me Chanpon Changmin, I prefers everyone calls me SHIM”. [cr: yunjaery]

Opening MC
Hello everyone. We’re Tohoshinki. Welcome to the Japan Tohoshinki 2014 Tree tour. Everyone, are you good?
Yunho: Hello, I’m everyone’s Yunho. Are you happy tonight? let’s go on being happy!
Changmin: Hello, I am changmin. As usual, Tokyo Dome is enthusiastic from the beginning. Let’s get high together. Are you ready? Let’s go to the next song!
Streamer said Yunho looked really good today and yes, lean. ㅋ[cr: bambidol]

Changmin: Everyone.. don’t you usually read? (joking)
Yunho: If you still have strength, please go and read. (YH ARE YOU BEING SNARKY)
Changmin: (The Giving Tree) is about the relationship between two beings, just like us (Tohoshinki) and our fans T_T [cr: fay weibo]

Encore MC
Yunho: It’s ending, as expected, Tokyo Dome is great! Changmin: Yes! Today’s audience seems to have grown? (t/n: >___> Changmin since i mean DOME »» arenas)
Yunho: I’m really happy to be able to meet with everyone!
CM: I’m really happy today! We should go to the next song…
Fans: EHHH~
Yunho: Everyone’s reaction is….

Yunho: I really want many fanboys.
Changmin: Me too!
[cr: fay]

Yunho’s Korean Lesson Today 한국어교실은혜를 입다 – (eunhyeleul ibda) reap the benefits 은혜를 갚다 – (eunhyeleul gapda) repay one’s kindness 주마등 – (jumadeng) – many thoughts / kaleidoscopic / complex imagery or thoughts 꿈을 이루다 – (kkum-eul eruda) – achieve one’s dream.
No word on any additional concerts [cr: tvxqyoonmin]

Closing MC
Changmin: Please give the dancers a loud round of applause.
Yunho: Today, did everyone feel the sincerity from Tohoshinki? Yet another year that we have come to Tokyo Dome and felt everyone’s heart. Really blessed!!
Changmin: A round of applause for everyone here~
Yunho: really grateful to you that we can stand here on this stage once again.
Changmin: Thank you!
Yunho: Today, we really felt everyone’s sincerity. To be Tohoshinki, we want to work hard to bring even better performances for everyone. [cr: fay]

Yunho introduced himself as: do-undo-un yunho! Good evening everyone. This is Nagasaki Changmin [cr: 26824242356]

Changmin called himself ‘Just Shim’ again. [cr: honey_berry2]

Aigoo, Yunho made mistakes in Miss You but Changmin managed to cover up and match it! Amazing! [cr: yumi_yunho_tvxq]

Yunho looks great!!! And so cute today T_T [cr: ucaelum]

Yunho’s Sexy Version, check [cr: honey_berry2]
A bazooka? appeared in the trolley with the balls today
[cr: kumi_tvxq0206]

Like the move Yunho did during Superstar (Time tour), he bared his shoulders in Shinjiru Mama [cr: m_m_tvxq]

Again, when Changmin left to do his solo, Yunho said he was alone and lonely. [cr: weast____]

When Changmin went EHH!! The venue quietened. Cool. [cr: tackaloha]
Disvelocity VCR was a new version from the arena venues’ [cr: mayu26218]
In WHY today, Yunho’s power was very incredible. Goosebumps. [cr: ceciluknow]

Nagasaki Changmin. It’s a pun on Chanpon (famous Nagasaki dish) and Changmin [cr: noriko]

At the finale, Changmin hugged Tetsu -Toho band member – koala style. (like hw Yunho hugged Sonny,Time) [cr: jhm_burningm]

GOODBYE FOR NOW Sexy Version, Changmin did his ass-sticking out/touching thing [cr: chamichoco]
Changmin’s undies were black yes black. [cr: mocaminnie] [trans by: snxy]

CM: this tour, what does it mean? tree?
YH: tree means, that we grow to be like this in everyone’s love
YH: because i love everyone i will continue to sing
YH: everyone is the best!!!!!
CM: because of everyone we will keep working hard to show you all

CM’s last Ment: I will sincerely work hard, to be the Tohoshin-ki (Tree)
[Ki can mean Tree in different kanji]
Changmin, “After 1 year of absence (from Tokyo Dome) Last night i was so nervous i couldn’t sleep.”
Yunho, “I’m just the same! Me too!.”
Changmin, “My room is next to Yunho’s, it seemed that he couldnt sleep and watch movie, the sound of it….(make me couldnt sleep) [cr:homichoko]

Yunho shouted, “I really want male fans!!” [cr: m_m_tvxq]
Yunho: I’m cool. I’m cool.
Bigeast: Kawaii~
Yunho: i Kawaii? (scratches head) [cr: Greenmen6717]

CM: What book is it?
YH: The big Tree
CM: Correct~~ ack! wait my thorat got hurt speaking like this [cr: m_m_tvxq]

“What should i tell for everyone to get excited? Four Character Idiom? Ah i’ve done that last year. Dream? but haven’t been dreaming in a long time. Ah no no. this is not good.” Then he proceed to the Korean Course. Kekeke [cr: Greenmen6717]

at ‘Miss You’ YH had one part wrong and CM noticed but still join the voice and give a small smile [cr: misaunyo]

YH: I’m not cute
CM: You wanted to be called cute so you do that, aren’t you?
YH: you got me (shy)
[cr: misaunyo]
Changmin, “Next song is…”
Bigeast, “Eeeeee…”
Changmin, “It’s new song.”
Bigeast, “Ooh..”
Yunho, “Compared to the usual, the ‘eee’ sound is smaller, ne”
Changmin, “I dont understand, i mean didn’t you notice that doing that (eeee) is completely useless and we still gonna move on to the next song anyway?” [cr: na_ta_song999] [Trans by: ndyho]

”Good evening everyone! Tohoshinki desu~ Welcome to 2014 tour TREE!”
Changmin: “Together let’s dance and sing and enjoy the concert till the end!”
Yunho: “Kyou wa YABAI ne~” (today is terrific right?)
Bigeast screamed “Changmin ganbatte!!” when he started “With All My Heart” first lines really softly

Yunho said he’d try to talk seriously since they are in Tokyo Dome after all. Then sings a silly tune dundundun
Changmin is scolding him!! He sighhsss, pauses and talks weird too!!
Changmin speaks about oyaji gags! ”Nagasaki-chanmin”
Changmin says it’s ok for fans to sit during the talk ^^
And now the ‘Thhhreee” name – Changmin & Yunho keeps saying “sekaaaai (it’s right XD) in creepy deep voices in answer
Changmin says nice things about them growing, receiving love and such and Yunho goes creepy “Haaaai sekaiiii”
Yunho Korean corner!
He says it’s a bit embarrassing for him to do this but that he’ll do his best ^^
He taught them to say “Yesterday I had a dream” (I think?)
”WE ARE T”!! They are singing WE ARE! ♫

Yunho: “Minna!!! We are…!!”
Bigeast: “T!!!!!!”
Yunho: “Yosh~”
Yunho: “As expected, Tokyo Dome is awesome!”

They are talking about how big Tokyo Dome is compared to the Arena concerts they did previously for TREE Tour
Lol awkward silence and Changmin goes “haii sekaiii” again
Now talking about “Miss You”, the nostalgic feeling since it has been 8 years
Changmin tries to introduce next song and as expected…. “EEEEEEEHHHHH!”
Changmin : “Kono “EEEEEEEEH”-tte yamete!!!”
Changmin asks Yunho to explain about “SWEAT” a little longer so he can rest a moment more
Yunho goes: “poi poi”
Bigeast: “KAWAIIIIIII!!”
Yunho: =_=
Yunho: “Minna motto motto mori-agete ikuzoooooo!” (everyone more more, let’s get hiiiigh!!)

Changmin: “Was today fun??!”
Bigeast: “YESSSS!”
Changmin: “Thank you! Now is the last song, everyone let’s sing together!”
”Palupa-paaaan” becomes “doobeedoobee” lol Yunho Pa lu pa pan~ LOL Yunho baby voice!!!

Yunho: “Changmin-sensei!”
Yunho: “Was today fun?!”
Bigeast: “YESSSSS!”
Yunho: “It was reeee~~~ally fun for us Tohoshinki too!!!”

Giving the dancers and band a round of applause
Yunho: “Everyone, could you receive Tohoshinki’s feelings properly?”
Changmin: “Thank you everyone!” then asking to cheer for the dancers and band once more
Yunho: “They worked really hard for today’s stage… everyone in the staff, thank you!!”
Yunho: “Today really, we could feel everyone’s warm feelings for us.”
Yunho talked about their growth since debut, all the nice songs & thanked fans cos it’s thanks to them they can sing them now
Changmin made a pun with “TohoshinKI” (KI: 木 – kanji for ‘TREE’)
”The two said there’s always a special kind of tension before Tokyo Dome concerts, and they couldn’t sleep well yesterday.
Changmin said in the room next door, Yunho started watching a movie since he couldn’t sleep, and since he (CM) was feeling extra-nervous, while he was trying to sleep with his eyes closed, he was thinking “aaaaah shut up!!” (laughs) – Changmin said that while making a face and feigning to grumble. [cr: i_know_you1973]

While Yunho was bowing along with the band, Changmin wrapped several silver tapes round his neck. Yunho made sure to keep them here till the end of the concert. [cr: i_know_you1973]

The two introduced themselves in a very relaxed way. Yunho did it Pink Lady’s “UFO” style (while Changmin danced a few steps of the choreo next to him)
Changmin said “Hello, I’m Nagasaki-chanmin” (長崎チャンミン – oyaji gag), and that even though Yunho had oyaji gag specially for him already, Yunho was still envious of Changmin’s only one. T/N: Pink Lade is a Japanese female group [cr: i_know_you1973]

During Goodbye For Now, though Yunho’s expression looked a little sad, he kept doing fun things to make the fans laugh, and seemed to get some fighting power again after that.
The fan adds she was touched to see Yunho trying so hard. [cr: madamu929]

Before SWEAT, Yunho lowered the mike from his mouth (= mike against his lips) before giving it to Changmin, and said cutely: “looks like I forgot… it might sound like a weird/out-of-place thing to say, but I’ve touched it…” [cr: ricorattan]

Introducing SWEAT, Yunho was very pleased: “Usually everyone goes EEEEEH but today you went “AAAAAAAAH” wtf lol [cr: 178ki_peach]

During ‘sexy’ Palupa-pan, Yunho narrowed his eyes & pointed at people in the audience, making them embarrassed 😛 [cr: CMkeiYH]

Toho used the trolleys twice, for We Are! → Easy Mind, then OCEAN → STL [cr. sasiisuseso26]

YH: This it Tokyo Dome! Let’s do it seriously!
CM: Yes~
YH: Durundurundurundurun YUNHO!
[cr: fluffy_TVXQ]

Also according to difff. fanaccs, seems like Min gave Yunho the stern look quite a lot today (when he didn’t outright glare XD)
Today they raced from back to front stage. Yunho also did shadow-boxing with one of the dancer during Crazyx3 [cr: SabuMeg0206]

Yunho: “As expected, Tokyo Dome is amazing!”
Changmin: “There were many intense songs during the Encore, right?”
Yunho: “We appreciate that this time, we can perform a medium-tempo song too.”
Changmin: “That’s what I’ve been saying since last year… but of course in the end, Yunho thought exactly the same right?” (implied: but didn’t say it) [cr: a2m69] [Trans by: TVXQSound]

Changmin grabbed a confetti from the stage and put it around Yunho’s neck <3<3<3 Yunho kept it to him until the very last minute. Sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [cr: taaichooo]

My seat was too far to check boys’…”that position” but…CM’s underwear was
BLACK\(^o^)/[cr: mocaminnie]

Yunho&Changmin were too excited to sleep last night because Tokyo Dome cc was just around the corner. Yunho slept only for 4 hours.

Since Yunho and Changmin’s rooms(in Japan) are NEXT TO EACH OTHER, Changmin heard some noises kept coming from Yunho’s room while he was trying to sleep. Yunho said that he was watching a movie on his PC because he couldn’t sleep. [cr: kumi_tvxq0206] [Trans by: LuvTV2XQ]

YH was watching a movie bcoz he couldn’t sleep and CM heard the noises in the bedroom next door.
Both CM and YH were nervous last night because it was Tokyo dome and could not sleep well.
Yunho admitted he was acting cute to be called cute, after Changmin accused him of doing so

My seat today was way in the back, 2F but had a total blast – for Tohoshinki, where u are doesn’t matter – It’s so fun no matter what!!!

YH’s Korean lesson for today: “To make dreams come true” (kurrum ilda)

During Tree of life and wedding dress where they are walking together to the main stage, CM watches YH’s steps and naturally syncs. by: yumin2618

Credits source: yunhoparadise, bumblebeeniee
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