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[TRANS] AERA – Cover Story (Yunho)

“Although there are also aspects which I am lacking in, I think that I had put in 100% hard work and effort.”

Amidst his busy schedule, he kept a watchful eye on the script. In the drama “King of Ambition”, one can also see scenes of him holding a (hockey) stick in his role as an ice hockey player.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, he rushed to the studio immediately in that getup. He apologised for the delay in his flight due to the weather conditions, and said “Please take care of me” in Japanese while bowing his head to the staff. These good manners of his have never changed up till this day. And just as always, there were no translators for the interview, he immediately understood / grasped the meanings and intentions behind the questions, and he answered the questions proficiently with a mix of humour.

“No, I don’t speak Japanese that well. I have to become better at it.”

He carries with him his own clear and distinct opinions, and when we showed him the photos we had shortlisted for the cover photo, and he didn’t pick the photo whereby his gaze was evident on his facial expression, but instead chose a photo from another cut and said “This is good”. This photo is the one which became the cover photo.

“That photo is also good. Because the feel is that of “TVXQ’s Artiste, Yunho”, this part has the atmosphere of “Actor Jung Yunho”. Because both are of almost completely different characters.”

Having debut for 10 years, adding to the activities of TVXQ which contained a mix of trials and tribulations, he is attempting a full-fledged challenge as an actor too. He acted out the agony of a youth who loved an evil woman in the drama “King of Ambition”, which saw high ratings in Korea last year. The unwavering character of the role overlapped with his real personality. As a leader, although his image akin to a hyung-nim is very strong, he got along well with the veteran actors at the filming set and immersed himself in his role as the youngest rookie there.

“Although there was pressure, it was my dream to carry out activities as an actor. In order to give off the feeling that we are a family, I enthusiastically took the initiative to communicate with the seniors even when we were not in our roles and were in normal mode. As a result, we really became close so I was happy.”

Looking at the side of him who heightens the atmosphere of the filming set in a bright and respectful manner, he has also won widespread praise from the actors.

Tohoshinki mobilized 850,000 people for their Japanese tour last year, and since their debut, they have broken national boundaries through their activities with their strong capabilities and are also showing off their current popularity. The secret to his popularity is not just limited to the performance emanating from his outstanding 184cm stature, and there is no necessity to express in words his earnest and pure character.

Jap-Kor Trans by: tvxqdrip
English Trans by: mug_ping
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