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[FAN ACC] 140424 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Yokohama Day 3

Tohoshinki: Hello everyone, we are Tohoshinki!

Changmin: We felt this -previously, time really passes quickly. Actually, today is only the third day at our first venue. But it’s already the third day.
Yunho: Changmin is really amazing, he always speaks such deep words.
Changmin: In this tour, I wish to do something I want to do.
Yunho: What is it?
Changmin: Something charismatic, something like Keep Your Head Down. Isn’t it charismatic when we sang the word ‘keep’ in the song?
Yunho: Like this? (Yunho demonstrated)
Changmin: Okay, it’s quite handsome. I wish to present more of my manly sides.

Changmin talked about how “me” is used by females.
Yunho: Males should use boku or watashi. Why do you use the female style?

Yunho: Talking about Wedding Dress, there are two dancers who got married recently. Changmin: They are counted newly wed.
Yunho: Yes, it’s only two months.
Changmin: How long must it be to not be counted as newly wed?
Yunho: Probably a year.
Changmin: Is it?
Yunho: I am not sure because I am not married. We should change topic.

Changmin: Everyone heard about our album right? The theme is tree, how should you pronounce that? Fans were requested to pronounce it.
Yunho: Seems like there will always be a few who will pronounce wrongly.
Changmin: The correct pronunciation is tree.
Yunho: Why is this album named Tree? Tohoshinki is a tree, we can only grow if we have everyone’s love. It’s also because of a meaning from a book.
Changmin: This reason sounds weird.
Yunho: Indeed, everyone hasn’t heard of this.
Yunho: Nonetheless, we can only continue because of everyone’s love and support. Let’s explain it like this, perfect!
Changmin: I’ll go down to prepare for the next stage.
Yunho: Yes.
Changmin: Since it’s you alone, you can rest for a bit
Yunho: It’s me alone, it’s a bit lonely. This is the time for Yunho’s dreams
Yunho: Everyone’s smiling faces become the support to protect Tohoshinki tree. That’s right. Therefore, we wish to create better stages with everyone. Also, the conversation today is ending.
Yunho: Seems like Changmin is ready. We still have the next conversation time.
Fans: Eh?!
Yunho: Alright, let’s welcome Changmin!

Thank you everyone for the encore! As expected for songs like this, no matter the people performing or people watching, we are all happy.
Yunho: We won’t know how it will be like next year. But we hope everyone can come and see our performances next year.
Changmin: This song is already 8 yrs old.
Yunho: No matter the song or you who came to see us, 8 yrs has past and it means everyone is 8 yrs older.
Changmin: We stood constantly for this stage and because the venue is arena, we are closer to everyone.
Yunho: Yes, we hope to see everyone at such a close up distance and we finally fulfilled this dream this year.
Changmin: In the five dome tour and Nissan Stadium last year, we felt extremely fortunate to be with so many people.
Yunho: Exactly; to us, everyone is still the most important. We should get into the next segment soon. We expected this MC to be 10 minutes but it’s already 15 minutes. This means we will have to shorten our performance time.
Fans: EH??!?!
Changmin: Then, is there anyone who are not interested in us Tohoshinki? Those audience who are like “who is Tohoshinki”
Changmin: Next! We will be performing our new song. It’ll be released in June and it’ll showcase an extremely passionate side of us.

Tohoshinki performing their new song, Sweat now!
Yunho: We are really happy today and we will continue Tohoshinki via music. Please continue to give us love and courage.

* Trans by yunjaery
Yunho: Changmin is very handsome today.
Changmin: *bows* Thank you Jung sensei, you are very handsome today too.

To show that his leg is recovered, Yunho danced a few danced movements and he looked so cute. When Changmin went off to prepare, Yunho held the mic with his right hand, hugged his chest with his left and scratched his right arm, Fans started laughing at that and Yunho asked why. Cameraman zoomed in and fans screamed “kawaii” ㅋㅋ

During his solo, Yunho accidentally hit his shades with the microphone & he adjusted the shades then smiled cutely afterwards.
Yunho did the baby tone during the last song and in the end he couldn’t help but cover his face (probably embarrassment).
Both of their voices were pretty hoarse according to the fan

*credit: Camellia206 | Trans by yunjaery

English Trans Credit by: yunjaery
Source: yunhoparadise
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