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[TRANS] 140304 The Show Interview with TVXQ

Q: If there are rivals of TVXQ, who would that be?

Yunho: I have thought about this alone myself before. There are many juniors who are doing very well recently, aren’t there? Compared to anything else, wouldn’t it be the foremost important thing to first win ourselves? I think that way.

Changmin (aka hyung pabo) – thumbs up! –

Q: If there are any juniors whom you are especially paying close attention to, who would that be?

Changmin: Personally for me, EXO.

Yunho (joking joking): compared to us, aren’t their numbers a few times more?

Changmin: (can’t hear).. and they do really well.

MC (continuing Yunho’s joke): They have the upper hand in terms of numbers~

Changmin (aka hyung pabo) – bursts out laughing –

Q: points to watch out for in their performance?

Yunho: compared to what we have shown everybody before, it has more of a musical feel on one hand, and because we are dancing together with female dancers, the viewing point would be the couple dance.

Q: can we anticipate your performance?

Changmin: Please show anticipation for our performance. We will work hard!

Check their videos here >> interview & performance
Trans by: mug_ping
Shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com


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