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[TRANS] Review of TVXQ’s ‘TENSE’ – Something


It’s already 10 years since their debut, and their 7th official album. To the extent of labelling TVXQ’s history as a representative important milestone amongst the local idol groups (biggest fandom, the Japanese K-Pop Hallyu, improvements in performances), TVXQ has such a significant existence / place. The most important thing when compared to anything else, is that TVXQ are not just handsome, but that their starting point is that they have the ability to sing well and to dance well. Although a reason is due to SM Entertainment’s production capabilities, the completeness from a musical aspect from the TVXQ after they had gone from a 5-member group to a 2-member group is instead slowly improving and rising. In their new album, they have again attempted diversified colours.

The title track Something is matched seamlessly with a swing big band sound. Judging from the brass sounds etc as accompaniment, one can also tell that they had put in a lot of thought, and amongst the songs from idol groups, this is perhaps the first song which has a clear direct involvement of a jazz guitar solo, isn’t it? It is also worth noting that TVXQ are now not youths but are now exhibiting their adult male vibes naturally. Although there are also the popular trend sounds in this album, one can see songs like “Your Man”, “Tonight” etc with an overall band sound as the main essence of the songs. This is them continuing their way to more completeness from the musical aspect. Now, as opposed to showing off what is new about them when compared to the past, it would also be good if they could show that they have matured and become more relaxed. The new album showcases this point very well.

Source: Naver

Trans by: mug_ping

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