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[TRANS] 140109 U-Know Yunho’s Ideal Woman, “A Stubborn But Glamorous Girl? I Want To Be Led”

TVXQ talked about their ideal women and marriage plans.

TVXQ appeared as guests at SBS Radio Power FM’s ‘Two O’Clock Escape CulTwo Show – Comeback Special’ on the 9th and showcased their witty humor.

On this day, DJ CulTwo asked, “Have you ever seriously thought about getting married?” and U-Know Yunho replied, “When I was younger, I wanted to get married at 27. That’s when my parents got married, and that’s when they wanted me to get married,” and “But things don’t always go the way you want them to. Nowadays, I believe that I should get married only when I’m ready.”

On marriage, Max Changmin said, “I should probably get married by my thirties, right? I’ll probably start seriously considering it once I meet the right person after I turn 30. I don’t want to get married too late.”

Max Changmin then went on to talk about U-Know Yunho’s ideal woman, saying, “I think he’d do well with someone who can lead him. I think it’s probably because Yunho’s the one doing the leading all the time. He likes stubborn women.” When CulTwo jumped in to say, “Then what about a stubborn but glamorous woman?” U-Know Yunho said, “Well, that would be nice.”

TVXQ recently released their 7th album’ Tense’ on the 6th and is currently promoting their title track ‘Something’.

Source: TVDaily

Credits & Trans by: dongbangdata

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