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[TRANS] 140109 Max Changmin Blushes At The Mention Of Kim Sung Ryung And Says, “She’s Definitely My Type”

TVXQ’s Max Changmin expressed his attraction to actress Kim Sung Ryeong.

TVXQ appeared on SBS Radio Power FM’s ‘Two O’Clock Escape CulTwo Show – Comeback Special’ on the 9th and showcased their witty humor.

DJ CulTwo asked, “Do you find women like Soo Ae attractive?” and U-Know Yunho replied, “I do. She has a great personality and is easy-going.” When asked, “How about Kim Sung Ryeong?” U-Know Yunho immediately replied by saying, “Of course, absolutely.”

Max Changmin began blushing as soon as Kim Sung Ryeong was mentioned, and he said, “She’s definitely my type. I once visited the filming set of ‘Queen of Ambition’, and she was as beautiful and fair as ever.”

Regarding Kim Sung Ryeong, U-Know Yunho said, “She treated me well, like I was her son, and she made me wish I had an older sister like her. I still keep in touch with her.”

TVXQ released their 7th album ‘Tense’ on the 6th and has since been promoting the album’s title track ‘Something’.

Source: TVDaily

Credits & Trans by: dongbangdata

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