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[TRANS] 140105 TVXQ Naver Starcast – EXO Supporting TVXQ’s Comeback Stage

January 5 SBS-TV “Inkigayo”

Once again, this is Changmin. This is the filming venue for “Inkigayo”, which was our last comeback stage. On this day, a special guest came looking for us in our waiting room. They are the “current trend idols” EXO. They are also our juniors from the same company. Just like their warm faces, they are also youths with heartwarming hearts.

Luhan and Xiumin have been possessed into becoming our fanclub “Cassiopeia”. Aren’t they cute, holding on to the red coloured balloons? Further, they were also waving the balloons around vigorously all the time. Thanks to them, we were able to gain and exhibit even more strength. Thank you, EXO~

I even took a two-shot with EXO leader, Suho. In everyday speech / slang, would it be “rare item”? (T/N: meaning that it is rare to see them in a picture together). Before we went up on stage for Something, he came over to me quietly and cheered me on. During the intermittent breaks, we spoke about this and that. Undoubtedly, to ease anxiety / tension, having a chit-chat is ~ “the best” (Kim Gu Ra ver).

At the same time, Yunho hyung was engrossed in speaking with Chen. We heard that he is considered as the “beagle” member amongst EXO? However, on this day alone, he was exceptional. He was especially shy in front of Yunho hyung. When Yunho hyung patted him on his back, he liked it so much just like a little child.

So after receiving EXO’s cheers, shall we look at the Something stage following that? In the future, we will show everybody even more perfect performances. We will always work hard, so we will become a 동방신기 who is “updated” every time around. Please give us your support~

Source: Naver

Trans by: mug_ping

Shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com


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