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[TRANS] 140106 TVXQ 7th Album ‘TENSE’ Thanks To & Message To Each Other


Thanks to the Father God in the heavens.
Those little kids who were so happy that there were only a few days left to the day of their debut carried the name “동방신기” in their hearts, and now as the time passed us by, that name has become our pride for 10 years already. Time really!! passes very fast ^_^ Just like this!! A new album is being released once again… While working towards creating a new history once again, my thoughts / emotions are also renewed.

“Chang-dol ah~” Our “Changminnie”!! Really, the time has passed by so fast, isn’t that so?? 10 years… It has already been 10 years since we were / were working together!! Actually if I look back on and count the time which we came through together, this would far exceed 10 years… and although there is always really no way I can show you everything through whatever kind of expression… really… I’m always thankful to you all the time… for being beside me^^ you rascal!!


When this album is released, at the same time we TVXQ has also become singers of 10 years’ standing^^ Time flies by really fast… From 10 years ago when we started out, in the midst of the time when we had been through many trials and tribulations, it seems like we were able to walk to this stage till now only amidst the support, care and love from so many of you ^^ What should I say about the number “10”… Actually it is just a number… Even so, everybody’s hearts and minds are all different, whether it can make one feel excited… that is something which is very fascinatingly strange…

In terms of the number of years to count the time we spent together, it is already the 11th year with our Yunho-hyung. Although hyung is also a human being who cannot always be perfect all the time! (Of course, although I myself am a total mess of a child too ㅋㅋ) Even so, I am thankful that someone like hyung has always been by my side till now, and I genuinely want to say a huge thank you to hyung once again^^ In the future, while bickering, let’s work hard at moving along in a cool manner so that we can have a disgustingly(?) fun time walking on for a long long time!!
Hyung, thank you ~ d^____^b

Credits: Story – 他和他的故事

Trans by: mug_ping

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