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[FANACC] 140105 TVXQ – SBS Inkigayo Pre-Recording for ‘TEN’


  • Stage is really cool. A lit up 10 on stage. Lots of hanging lits with a big lit up star behind the 10
  • Spoiler alert: The screen counting down from 10-1 has a promotional pic coll of YH & CM from debut to now
  • Yunho wearing a white shirt, silver sparkly suspenders, and a stupid big white bow. Haha
  • Cm wearing a white shirt with gray vest & silver suspenders
  • Omg… even their shoes are sparkly silver
  • The boys still seem tired from yesterday. Well YH does. CM was joking with dancers & laughing after the 1st take.
  • Oh boys are back! Awww~ YH looks a little more awake & happier.
  • Woah~~~ 2 dancers just had a tap dance battle. We went “ohhhh~” & then YH said well done
  • CM immediately up after 2nd take. Both stretched their legs. The PD asked for 1 more take.
  • Dancer giving HoMin a pointer on when they should snap their fingers coming down the stairs. CM explained the plan to YH
  • Aww~ one of the dancers started tsp dancing again. Then YH started dancing inside the hallway if the 10 on stage. Sooo cute
  • God the snapping down the hall was so sexy. That was such a goid call.
  • PD asked for another take.
  • CMs voice is hoarse. He sang well until the end where he lost some of his tone
  • CM in the 1, YH in the 0
  • Damn. YH OWNS the sexy saunter down the hall
  • When CM sings the Mideoyo part, he puts his hands around the mic as uf praying
  • CM lipsang along with YHs “woah~oh~oh”
  • YH waved to us after the 2nd take and asked if we enjoyed their performance. Ofc we said we liked it
  • YH definitely is feeling the performance more. His face is less serious and more expressive than the 1st take
  • There’s been a change that the PD discussed w YH & dancers. Dancer told CM. He asked why & the dancer just gently pushed him toward the 1 ㅎㅎ
  • I guess its just YH & CM for this take wo the red sheet & dancers.
  • YH tried to clasp hands w 1 of the dancers as he walked but missed. Tried until he held the dancers hand & shook it
  • 4th take is close ups wo dancers.
  • Music cut out after the count down. CM stopped at the top of the stairs & had the most disbeliving look on his face
  • When YH did the 1 in the countdown, he put it across his lips. We screamed
  • Starting 6th take~~ 3rd close up take
  • CM so cute. He said “I just want to thank you for the last te–” then the nusic cut out. Haha~ he had the cutest smile
  • On CMs close up the camera was blocking his way down the stairs. So he had to slide around & rush to his mark. He & aud laughed
  • YH did a cool dance move during the break & we all ooohed. YH then looked up w wide eyes & pointed at us like who saw that
  • PD gave the okay so the prerec finished. YH honestly looked so genuinely happy to be done
  • YH waved at us & thanked us for coming
  • CM then pretty much said the same thing he said last night. That he was thankful for our love & support
  • I guess the PD wanted the boys to hurry bc CM hadnt finished talking when the PD took CM & lifted him sideways over his shoulder
  • Then another SBS staff guy went to YH, grabbed him around the waist & lifted him. Both were taken backstage laughing
  • Backstage, CM was laughing so hard ^.^ The PD & the boys are so cute with each other
  • They sang Ten live
  • Inkigayo Ten prerec lasted 80 mins. There were about 9 takes. First 5 takes were full perf run thrus, last 4 were short close up takes


  • pics from old promos kn a small screen
  • fans behind me saying yh is cute and our gift coz of his bow
  • changmin is losing his voice
  • changmin was big smiles after rehearsal omg he is in a good mood
  • their suspenders are sparkly
  • yh seems srs this morning bb are u even awake?
  • yhs body doing the body rolls omg that shirt covers v little
  • they’re back and yh is smiling again going back into the big 10
  • yh was talking but I cldnt hear orz
  • dancer showing off and from inside the 0 I think yunho said 잘한다 (good job)
  • fog machines and mist sprayers this is v nostalgic and romantic
  • yunhos cuffs on his shirt are lacy and cms collar is lace
  • cm musta destroyed his voice ytday he sds super raspy
  • cm body rolls kinda awk ngl
  • changmin testing out echos in the 10s? idk lol
  • yh dancing/swaying inside the 0 lol
  • cm was doing well but on last few lines voice creaked
  • yh smiling again asking if we like it ofc
  • yhs fingers are perfect omg his grace when he moves them even aside from snapping
  • cm said some words but cldnt hear him
  • yhs look was rly gentle the last take
  • cm’s voice not at its bes
  • they’re back and yh wanted to say smt into his mic but it isn’t working
  • dancers encouraging the boys I think they’re doing this part without them lol
  • yh gave a smile and thumbs up to dancers
  • yunhos close up done now omg hot
  • shot close up of cm coming out of the 1 now it is yhs turn with the 0
  • when it was cm’s time yh did the walk too and vice versa
  • yh started to tap a bit and tbh it wasnt much but we all ooohed and ahhhed and he looked at us like eh rly
  • lol yh asking if we are cold DUH
  • lol boys told us to 해산 and the staff and pds PHYSICALLY CARRIED THEM AWAY


  • YH asked fan: it was -5 degrees outside aren’t you cold? fans said yes and shivering. before the second stage all the dancers turn to tap dancer.. CM who just came to the set asking what had happened? he look so cute (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)
  • finally get inside the hall ㅠㅠ even this early more than 200 fans are here!!! (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)
  • while waiting they showing pictures since debut until now on the ceiling.. they display even the recent very merry Christmas jacket pictures (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)
  • for today’s outfit YH wears white ribbon while CM wears waistcoat.. both have non-spike hair, YH a it perm and CM do 3:7 side hair.. (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)
  • it’s end! 4 times of full-stage, 5 times for each of members! when its end, the staff lightly wrap YH and CM (to keep them warm) and the fans was screaming (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)
  • before the 3rd stage start, CM was at the set and waving at the fans so fans was happy because of that ㅠㅠ YH who not sure how was the stage look like at first said the stage is very beautiful!! (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)
  • during the solo shoot the lighting on stage was very beautiful ㅠㅠ they closed their eyes while the light shown on them and the fire came out ㅎㅎㅎ (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)
  • when the recording ended CM thanks the fan for coming this early despite cold weather and now they can rest!!! YH also thank the fan. when fan said they came since 4:30 in the morning YH replied with TVXQ (and staff) came since 3 in the morning ㅎㅎㅎㅎ (cr:tvxqtohoeternal)

Credits: figmagination, yoonhwo, tvxqtohoeternal via zaizai_me , dbsknights

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