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[TRANS] TVXQ’s ‘Something’ is Catchy… Easy and Cute

TVXQ, who was famous for their difficult and fierce performances, has become cuter and more refreshed.

In line with the catchy rhythm in the music video for TVXQ’s new song “Something” which was revealed online on Jan 1 at pm KST, there was a witty dance choreography, including a line performance which captured everyone’s attention. Even while TVXQ is maintaining and extending their trend / popularity as a duo, compared to that, it is impressive that they have made everything look even easier.

What is the most visible is the change in the musical colour. In the past, TVXQ has always presented the public with dark and intense music, and this is their first challenge at swing since their debut, performing with a bright and lively atmosphere. And because the melody is easy, it is easy to catch on just by listening to it once. In line with the music, they put on humorous facial expressions and had electrifying touches with the ladies in the music video, making the members’ new sides the “point” (ie. highlight) of this performance.

The lyrics are also enjoyable. The song starts from a guy who has cutely caught the “Prince” syndrome / narcissist syndrome and who is sick of being wanted by all the ladies in the world, but who feels that the lady evidently has “Something” about her which can make one fall in love with her, and wants the lady to quickly come over to him.

The music video is also captivating in that it reminds one of the Las Vegas shows, with its luxurious background setting and the members’ performance to complement it. In line with the jazz feel of the music, a variety of musical instruments were also featured, and the animation also made the video more interesting. SM Enterainment explained that rotoscoping made up of motion control cameras, stop motion, actual and animation features were actively used.

However, the fact that the music has become easier did not mean that the performance / execution was easier. TVXQ, who has always shown performances of a different league from other groups, has used strings this time around for a line performance, making people anxious to see its execution. Whether their leaning bodies are bouncing off the ropes or the ropes are moving their limbs around, the anticipation surrounding their performance on stage is mounting.

TVXQ’s comeback stage is on Jan 3 at KBS Music Bank, and the digital music will be revealed on online sites on Jan 6.


credits & trans by: mug_ping

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