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[TRANS] TVXQ Catch Me Production Note

Yunho’s way of thinking

Yunho: there were also times when I wavered, and also times when I reached a plateau. “Why doesn’t this work?” But I have become good at making such thoughts smaller and less significant. If I had left regrets during those times, in the future I would keep feeling the same regrets, and my body would start remembering these feelings the next time, these feelings of pain. Instead, I thought that what I should be doing is thinking of how to show everybody the next side of me. If I keep thinking “Why doesn’t this work?”, I feel like I will fall into that downward spiral even more.

Yunho when doing his first broadcast stages

Yunho: I am the most nervous during the first broadcasts. I will always be praying alone. But at the moment when the anxiety and nervousness turns into excitement, I feel like, “Ah, I am indeed living”.

Changmin on penning the lyrics for “I Swear”

Changmin: when they told me to try penning down my expressions of gratitude I felt towards the fans as lyrics, it was really difficult. I wanted to let the fans be able to paint a picture in their heads when listening to the song. Because it was a song to convey a message to the fans, for me, and also for Yunho hyung, we really spent a lot of effort on it.

TVXQ on their comeback performance at SMTown in LA in Sept 2010

Changmin: At that time when we had not officially decided on whether to continue with our activities, so many fans still came. Really, before the both of us went up on stage… the trembling feeling in my legs experienced on stage had never been so strong before.

Yunho: looking at the audience, and them shouting “Dong Bang Shin Ki” “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, I actually felt sad. And compared to anything else, their cheers were so loud, when our performance was over, I personally was overcome with sadness.

Changmin on his free time and learning the guitar

Changmin: I am the type who will think, “it would be great if I have some alone time”, resting alone, drinking alcohol, driving around, taking a walk around, watching movies and dramas, assemble models and.. guitar – bursts into laughter- I am learning guitar slowly. To those people who play the guitar exclusively and practise guitar very hard, this may not seem much but.. I developed some calluses from learning guitar, but because I think of these scars as a glory from practising hard on my guitar, I like the feeling when I touch these calluses, and it would be good if I can develop even more calluses in the future.

Yunho on photography

Yunho: I started taking photographs from the time TVXQ started our activities. While going about our schedules, we meet new people every moment, and while working together with the staff, I wanted to keep those great memories. Other than photographs, there was nothing else that could capture those moments. Because I didn’t want to forget those moments, and although I may not be the type who can take photographs really well, I myself think that I took those photos well. So I will take photos of the staff, and the staff will sometimes ask me not to take photos or run away from me. I am still now confused whether it is because they doubt my photography skills or if they are shy.

Changmin on the staff

Changmin: sometimes I will contact the male staff to exercise together, or to play basketball, and when we are all together, we will also play games. These little gatherings become a form of healing in everyday life, and after enjoying ourselves, it feels like we have regained our strength and can continue to work hard at our work. All these moments were all very enjoyable. When I am having a difficult time, or whenever I am facing difficulties due to some reasons, the staff and colleagues around me, because they all understand what I am having difficulties with, the weight of everything seems to have lessened, and it seems like everything can naturally be overcome.

Yunho on the staff

Yunho: while carrying out our activities, while looking at people, there would also be times when I get weary. Whenever such moments arise, they will grab hold of me and carry me with them, and say “we believe you, because it’s you”, “everything can be overcome”. I’m thankful for these words, but whenever I say “thank you”, there is something I can’t express. At that moment, I will smile and think, “so this is what is called teamwork”.

Changmin on the fans

Changmin: I started having this kind of thoughts, “It is not because of us standing on the stage, us performing on the stage, that we gained fans who showed support for us. But it is because there are fans who like us, and who support us, that we are able to stand on the stage to perform. Starting from some point in time, should I use the expression “realisation dawned on me”, I suddenly had this realization dawning on me. Although this may seem like something that is said lightly / offhand, I am sincerely very thankful to all of you.

Yunho on the fans

Yunho: From debut till now, I have been touched on so many occasions. From our perspective, I felt really sorry. Like everybody else, I cried happy tears, and I also felt on many occasions that “ah so there is also a part which feels like you guys are TVXQ’s parents”, and I also thought, “ah so this is love, and this thing called love is important”. This is all because everybody is here. And because the biggest thing that everyone has given us is that we are able to stand on the stage comfortably, I’m really very thankful, and thank you for always waiting for us, and because we made you all wait, we are really sorry. I have a really shy personality, saying this makes me feel very embarrassed.

Credits & Trans by: mug_ping

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