[TRANS] TVXQ, Sale of “Catch Me” Documentary DVD, “We’ll Reveal All to You!!”

TVXQ’s documentary DVD “TVXQ! CATCH ME – PRODUCTION NOTE” will go on sale on Dec 27.

This DVD will be in the form of a documentary format showing the entire production process and activities for TVXQ’s 6th official album “Catch Me”, including footage of the on-site recording for “Catch Me” which was released in September 2012, their dance practice, music video filming, and their comeback performances. Fans will be able to see the honest thoughts and sides of TVXQ which they have been curious about.

In particular, the 2-DVD documentary will show the preparation process for the “Catch Me” album, all the way till the promotional activities, TVXQ’s concert for their Live World Tour in Seoul and Bangkok SM Town Live World Tour performance, Singapore’s concert venue, music video filming episodes, and even interviews of the members, showing off various different footage and thoughts, culminating in the meaningful contents of the DVD and allowing the fans to feel TVXQ’s all-round charm.

And this product will not only include the DVD, but will also include a photobook which shows previously unrevealed photos of the production process and promotional activities for “Catch Me”. Fans will anticipate this.

Further, before the official release of this documentary DVD, there will be pre-sales at the venue of TVXQ’s exclusive concert “SMTOWN WEEK TVXQ! “Time Slip”” held on Dec 26 at Kintex 1 in Ilsan, and this is expected to gain even more attention from the fans.


Credits & Trans by: mug_ping

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