Q1: How was 2013 to TVXQ?
2013 itself saw our Live tours, and because we created new records for ourselves, it was a new page in history for us. Changmin: it was a really busy year.

Q2: While ending the year, if there are words you would like to say to each other, what would they be? (Changmin to Yunho, Yunho to Changmin)
From the start of 2013 to the end of this year, we have been really busy, and seeing how you always do your best and concern yourself with how to do your best, that was really cool~ I hope you will fly in an even cooler / more handsome manner~

Changmin: In the future, let’s enjoy ourselves like now, and in the path ahead, let’s walk on ahead with no fear. Thank you always~

Q3: If you have wishes for 2014, what would that be?
To be healthy, and to make the new year one which TVXQ and Jung Yunho can show everybody many of their / his new sides.

Changmin: Health will be first priority, and I want to make music which receives love from many people. And if there is an opportunity, I want to go travelling.

Q4: Please say something to the fans.
Happy New Year, and please dress warmly so that you won’t catch a cold when you are going about your lives^^ It seems like everybody has been together with us from the winter 10 years ago, and from 10 years ago, I have been able to be blessed and happy, and I have been able to become a new me. From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful, and I will always do my best so that I will be able to repay everybody’s love.

Changmin: Although there have been so much that has happened during the 10 years, it seems like because we have always carried the same heart and minds with us throughout these years, we have now become where and the who we are now. I’m thankful and~ in the future, while supporting one another, let’s move along ahead and create even cooler stories~ I love you all!^^

Q: We are curious about TVXQ’s thoughts about their 10th debut anniversary.
It feels like just a couple of days ago that we debuted, but saying that it’s already been 10 years, I’m surprised and its reminds me of old memories / it’s indescribable. I can’t really express it through words~~

Changmin: I’m really very happy that we are able to reach our 10th anniversary. I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart to those people who have stayed beside us and supported us till now.

Q: In coincidence with TVXQ’s 10th anniversary, if there is a song which you feel the most attached to amongst the songs which TVXQ has revealed to date, please let us know.
I feel attached to the song called “Unforgettable”. I have special memories of being touched by the fans saying “We’ll always be by your side” when we sang the song at our concert~

Yunho: Because “Hug” is our debut song no matter what, whenever I hear the song, it seems like I am reminded of old memories.

Q: What does “Cassiopeia” mean to TVXQ?
Just like the constellation “Cassiopeia”, an existence which lights up the road that we have to walk on.

Changmin: I’m so thankful to them to the extent that I really don’t know how much harder I have to work to be able to repay the love of Cassiopeia… I want to say that Cassiopeia, to us, is like our savior. I want to work even much harder to repay that love.

Q: there is not much time left till the end of 2013, please recommend songs which are compatible with the end-of-year atmosphere.
No matter what, isn’t music like carols the most compatible during the end-of-year season? How about TVXQ’s “Sleigh Ride”? haha

Q: If there is any recommendation for fashion for year-end parties?
How about having long coat matched with a turtleneck, together with boots to bring out a fashion “point”? Creating a fashion “point” with horn-rimmed spectacles is also good ^_^

Changmin: Because it’s a time when it is very cold, it seems important to dress warmly. How about a black coat matched with either red colour or white knitted top?

Q: If there are celebrity friends which you wish to invite to a year-end party, who would it be?
I want to try having a party with the SM Town family^^

Yunho: It would be great to have a party with the precious friends who are always beside me. The friends whom I am close to in my daily life.

Shared & Credits by: DBSKnights , Vyoback
Translated by: mug_ping


Q: If you will invite a celebrity in a year-end party you are throwing, who will it be?
Changmin: I want to invite the SM Town family^^

Q: Being around for 10 years, what is the song that you have been so attached to amongst all the songs you have released?
Yunho: I think for me it’s 바보 (Unforgettable Love). When we sang this song at our concert and the fans put up a sign with 항상곁에있을게(Forever be by your side) it was a special memory for me.
Changmin: For me it’s Hug. It’s still our debut song filled with memories and I want to make new ones with it as well.

Credits and Trans by: sehunownsme


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