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[Fan Acc+Trans] 120421 Yuu Watase’s Tohoshinki TONE Tour

I’m not a movie distributor.
Well it’s weird to miss a day, so I’ll blog this.
It was right after my fever had gone down and I was in a really bad shape with the constant headache (´□`。) so I was in a “mooong~” mood without being able to work….
But it was a promise I had made with my friend, and she did get me the ticket,
So although it was a bit of a stretch, I found the time and went to it.ヽ(;´ω`)ノ


I didn’t know them very well, and my work was being delayed, so I had mixed feelings at first.
I was thinking that this is might be too tight, when my friend came to sleep over and asked “Did you watch the DVDs I sent you?”
“…um, not yet…(^_^;)”
Then until the live starts, we’re going to do a rehearsal of watching them!

Before I could realize, my jaws were dropped wide open.( °д°)
The whole time ”…what! This dessin!!??”
What is this awesomeness of the PV!?

I had seen them briefly on websites, and I had definitely thought “they are great” before, and I did think thank the dance songs were so my style and went “I like them!”
(oh… about my tast, the ballads had this K-Pop image to them so I had been just skipping them)
As such, this was the first time seriously watching the full version.
( ゚-゚)( ゚ロ゚)(( ロ゚)゚((( ロ)~゚ ゚
…shocked. WHAT!? These faces, restrained dances.
It’s so great? It’s so freaking great!? Ugh the dessin’s just perfect, isn’t it!?

(-_\)(/_-)三( ゚Д゚)

Well, first of all, this is “must see the live even if it’s a stretch” kind of a thing.
And I could get to the Tokyo Dome on my first time.

This is the ticket.
I didn’t really know much about this kind of thing, so I went like “What? We get to see them for three times!! Σ(゚д゚;)” (laughs)

Dome. This is actually my first time.
“So big!ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ”

This is the penlight! It’s my first time ever owning one.(*゚ー゚)ゞ

After this, the screen got dark, so the entire dome was filled with red penlight and turned into a mystic place…
Of course I don’t have any pictures from the live show itself.
( ̄□ ̄;)!!
I was blown away the whole time. The stage actually taught me a fair bit. It was great.
I was murmuring “Wha. What is this.” the whole time.
Of course I was far away from the stand, but the real duet were dinging, dancing, “…it’s not CG”
My friend lent me the opera glass,
“well, they are human so there’s gotta be something”(what do you mean by that) so I stared into the opera glass time after time.
…………………o(_ _*)o

Long live show for about 3 hours.
My headache had gone away with the pills I had taken beforehand, but my joints were all hurting, the ladies behind me screaming into my head, and I was fuddled.
But what spread in my heart was “this sense of defeat” (laughs(´・ω・`)
What I was murmuring was,
“This. 2D can’t beat something like this!! Is this real!”・°・(ノД`)・°・
A 2-D guy that I draw as a mangaka is so called “the ideal guy that doesn’t exist in real life”.
(This is my personal opinion) there’s the ideal (no, not like “personal taste”) visual as an image that seems good.
So it is even difficult to draw that out intricately.
But it existed. The ideal dessin. Talking, dancing, singing in front of my eyes.
How am I supposed to beat it existing in 3-D as actual human!!o(TωT )(laughs)
Something kind of like that joke, “dreams have lost to the reality” crawled all over me…
I can only laugh now (´д`lll)
Tall guys, one 184cm and the other 186cm, are easily jumping around. (that’s usually done because you’re small)
Is this manga! How do you have such faces without going under plastic surgery, and that brain… are you some kind of prince! o(_ _*)o
Then they are kind of awkward when talking, and that’s also really cute, so that makes my heart go dokidoki.
I’m sorry. This is definitely high-tension from a magaka perspective(laughs)
I never quite had the girly “kkya~” kind of thing even when I was little
so none of that kind of heart beating,
and I’m sorry my friend, for not being able to scream loud and high with you.
I am that much cold-headed… but them, and this. this is something that just has to be appreciated.
My friend said “you have to buy this!”…so I bought two of the tour photobooks. It works as my data as well!
These are also nice. I like them.
Their sense of style, composition, the colour combinations, they all make me learn.
I showed them to my assistants as well, and they went “so great!!” “this is dangerous!!” “what is this!? Did someone make them?”
“this is like manga…” “their legs are so long!!”
Well, yeah, I figured they’ll only be able to say those…
“I want to draw them!” was the best.
My workroom had a lot of Changmin bias (laugh)
Yunho on the right. Apparently he did Taekwondo and Happkido.
So he’s a manga character!
“…if I’m born a man, I wanna be like him” (laughs)

I’m sure everyone has a different taste.

but regardless of it, they are great.

If it were me, I would’ve had a very hard time drawing such delicate balances,

but them, who exist in reality, were naturally “just like that”.

I think some of you may comment that I’m praising them too much.

Well I liked the songs (personally I want more man-ry songs like MAXIMUM)

And the dance!

It definitely is amazing how much they’ve trained. It really is a world of abilities.

Of course I don’t know about the past, back when they were 5. So this is as a beginner, an honest thought about these two.

(the next part is about her manga, so I’ll skip that)

Well. like how one of my assistants said, “that much~?” I looked down on them at first as well.

My friend got into their hotness after accidently seeing the PV last year.

So if you haven’t, the “TONE” DVDs are definitely worth a look.

I don’t know… their perfection is beautiful.

The clips, them, the movement, kind of like,

they do exist, in real life.(゜ρ゜)

Well my point of view is coming more or less from a mangaka,

and here’s how the ladies around me went.

“Mom thank you!! I’m so grateful to be born!!”

“Uknow your eyes are so adorable~!!” “Your skins’s so per~fect!!” “The hands are so big!!”

“They’re moving! 3-D!!” “So good!! Dangerous! Really really dangerous!”

“so cuteeeeeeeeee~~!!” “Let’s save up and goto Hanamichi!” “A-ang, I can’t sleep tonight!”

Kyyaaaa—! at the look on the screen

Kyyaaaa—! At the slight hint of a smile

Kyyaaaa—! At the two putting arms around each other

Kyyaaaa—! At the cute body movements or facial expressions

Kyyaaaa—! Of course, at the slightly sexy movements of the waist line because of the dance

Kyyaaaa—! At whenever something’s moving

I went like “Ah~~~~… oh ho…(@_@)”

So that’s what girls are like….

Well anyways, I was blown away (laughs)

It was, definitely a learning experience in many different aspects.

I’d like to apply it in the future (how)

It was still lighting up. The white penlight.

My friend, thank you for your work.

Thank you for asking me to go with.

Like, you’re going to Osaka as well. Good luck (laughs)

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