[TRANS] 130123 Max Changmin Paves The Way To Becoming The Prince Of Variety Shows In ‘Moonlight Prince’

The MC who stood out in KBS’s new variety program ‘Moonlight Prince’ on the 22nd was none other than Max Changmin. Even though he was wedged between veterans of the variety sector such as Kang Ho Dong and Tak Jae Hoon, he made his presence known with his witty and unexpected charm. 

He began by seeing Kang Ho Dong, who appeared in a Peter Pan costume, and saying, “You’re making us all uncomfortable.” With appropriate gestures responding to his fellow MCs’ conversations, he had the studio in an uproar with his silver tongue as he broke his princely and modest image. He stated, “I didn’t date that much when I was a student. If I were able to go back to middle school, I would meet as many girls as I could.”

He continued to draw people’s attention when he made a confession about his beautiful (?) deviation from his model student life when he stopped talking to his father for three days because his father was against him becoming a trainee and making his debut as an idol singer.

Max Changmin, who has been called a ‘Man above all other men’ by Tak Jae Hoon during the show’s press conference, showcased a silver tongue that completely differed from his gentleman image. He received positive reviews for his charm and wit that captivated everyone in the studio.

It’s impossible not to compare Max Changmin to Lee Seung Gi, who also started off as a singer and became the ‘blue chip of the variety sector’ through ‘Two Days, One Night’ and ‘Strong Heart’. Regarding this, Kang Ho Dong said in the press conference that, “He’s someone with unlimited possibilities,” and “He’s similar to Lee Seung Gi in that he also works hard.” Many are curious to see if Kang Ho Dong will help Max Changmin become ‘the next prince of variety shows’ through ‘Moonlight Prince’.

Netizens showed an interest in this new side of Max Changmin as they left comments such as, “Max Changmin has an unexpected charm”, “He’s a charming character who is a mixture of innocence and silliness,” and “What new charm will Max Changmin showcase in the second episode of ‘Moonlight Prince’?”

‘Moonlight Prince’, headed by the charismatic quintet of Kang Ho Dong, Tak Jae Hoon, Jung Jae Hyung, Brave Brothers and Max Changmin, centers its talks around the books chosen by guests each week. The show airs every Tuesday at 11:10pm.

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