[Trans] 130122 Moonlight Prince First Broadcast


MC: Kang Ho Dong (Kang Moon Prince), Tak Jae Hoon (Tak Moon Prince), Jung Jae Hyung (Jung Moon Prince), Brave Brothers (Brave Moon Prince), Max Changmin (Min Moon Prince)

Guest: Lee Seo Jin

Star participates together in reading a book making a pleasant book talk

<Moonlight Prince> first broadcast!

First prince Lee Seo Jin’s selected book today!

[The Evening Star]

A novel about growing up and deviating and wandering from adolescence and how to handle it – [The Evening Star]

The reason Lee Seo Jin selected this as the book of his life is?

Synonymous with luxurious handsomeness! Lee·Seo·Jin~~~!

Unable to satisfy his brimming curiosity at age 10!

Adolescent boy! Lee Seo Jin’s greatest deviation is?! Very first live confession!

‘This… is the first time I’m reading a book since I was born..’

Books completely don’t suit him, only making hit songs, Brave Brothers!

Even though he doesn’t know about books he has so~~~~much to say~~!

Asia’s Crown Prince Max Changmin!

If I were to return to adolescence I want to try to live like this!!

Changmin’s line about what he remembers in books that surprised everyone is?!

Together with the stars read the book and contribute and get happiness with

*heartbeat* Moonlight Prince~!!

Source: KBS’ Moonlight Prince Official Page

Credits: TVfXQfever

Translated and Shared by: TVfXQfever

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