[NEWS] 130122 ‘Yawang’ Reaches 10% After Three Episodes; Will it Make A Grand Reversal?

The view rate of drama ‘Yawang’ reached over 10%. According to Nielson Korea, the January 21st broadcast of SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Yawang’ reached 10.2% view rate nationwide. This is a 2.1% increase compared to last week’s broadcast that was 8.1%. As the view rate of ‘Yawang’ steadily grew, it reached 10% view rate only after three episodes. 

‘Yawang’ rendered a fresh start with interesting storyline and exquisite acting which drew a lot of attention. It reached two-digit view rate after two-weeks, making it an impending chaser of the Monday-Tuesday drama line-up. Especially with ‘Horse Doctor’ #1 position undermined by its close end and ‘School 2013’ taking an incline, ‘Yawang’ draws anticipation whether it can make a turnover in the chase. Meanwhile, MBC ‘Horse Doctor’ rated 20.1%, and KBS 2TV ‘School 2013’ rated 14.0%. [Picture: SBS]


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