[NEWS] 130117 Kim Jaejoong’s Vampire Transformation ‘exceptional visual’


The music video of the title song “MINE’ from Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini-album was finally unveiled.

The MV was released on the 17th on JYJ’s official Youtube account and has attracted explosive attention from fans both domestic and abroad with hundreds of comments within hours.

At the beginning of the music video, Kim Jaejoong appeared mysteriously innocent then panned to being chained painfully then turns into a surreal character in the second half with every scene showing grisly-perfected visuals. -read more->

Official said, “Kim Jaejoong’s visual was enough to complete the dramatic story. The MV is grand and it is appropriate for a title track and the crystal sound of guitars really stood out. Kim Jaejoong gave unprecedented visual from being transformed into a vampire to boast of a surreal beauty and the power of the dark angel through the video.”

The MV started with Kim Jaejoong showing confusion then suffering from oppression and defilement then breaking away from the mold to protect something important then eventually gaining redemption. The artwork for the seven sets was shot precisely to express all the emotions of this story. The nation’s leading art director Dae Suyeon took part in making this music video.

In addition, the official in charge of styling and art, “The overall look and feeling is dark and grotesque. For intense visuals, special outfits and hats were made with the help of famous designer Song Hyemyung.”

The music video has an explosive reaction. The video immediately ranked high in domestic search portal sites and fans from around world commented, “I’m so excited I can’t even sit properly.”, “ He looked so perfect in the teaser video. Am I going to be alive after the video? Lol.”

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini-album will be released offline on Jan 17. In addition, he will have a concert ‘Your, My, and Mine’ on Jan 26-27 to be held in Kintex Ilsan. All 16,000 seats are sold out.

Source: Sports Woldi via Nate
Translation Credit: Ruby of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Posted by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com


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