[TRANS] 130114 Kwon Sang Woo Affectionately Says,“I Want To Start Filming ‘Queen Of Ambition’ With Jung Yunho Soon”


Kwon Sang Woo showed his affection for Jung Yunho.

During the episode of SBS’ ‘Good Morning’ that aired on the 14th, footage from the press conference of SBS’ Monday-Wednesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’ was shown.

On this day, Jung Yunho said, “I’m happy to be participating in a great project with seniors I really like,” and “It feels like a family.”

Kwon Sang Woo had everyone laughing when he added, “I still haven’t shot any scenes with Yunho yet, but I want to start filming with him soon. Seriously, have you ever seen this many rice wreaths in SBS?”

Meanwhile, Go Jun Hee attracted the attention of many when she commented, “I’m happy to be working with the handsome Kwon Sang Woo.”

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