[NEWS] 130116 ‘Yawang’ Jung Yunho, captivated audiences as a cute young man


‘Yawang’ Jeong Yoon-Ho drew attention with matured acting.In the 2nd episode of SBS new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Yawang’, Jeong Yoon-Ho playing Baek Do-Hoon appeared for the first time and raised the expectations of the fans.

In ‘Yawang’, Baek Do-Hoon is a bright and healthy charscter who brought up by a rich father and sister way older than him. And he is a cute young bou character who falls in love to Joo Da-Hae(played by Soo-Ae) who he met by chance.  Jeong Yoon-Ho, who appeared for the first time on ‘Yawang’ played his role of cute young boy character with improved acting. Joo Da-Hae looses her shoe in subway, and Baek Do-Hoon give the shoes he found to Joo Da-Hae who came to have an interview to get into his father’s company. when Joo Da-Hae gets into the company, she met Baek Do-Hoon at te company dining hall, starting a romance.

Jeong Yoon-Ho changed into an actor Jeong Yoon-Ho from U-KNOW Yoon-H from TVXQ, and showed much more matured acting in the drama, captivating the viewers. Whether Jeong Yoon-Ho will be able to lead the popularity of ‘Yawang’ is drawing attention.

Credit: innolife

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