[NEWS] 130116 Park Yoo Chun, “‘I Miss You’ Was a Hurtful Drama For Me”


Actor Park Yoo Chun talked about his feelings of ‘I Miss You’ coming to an end.

Park Yoo Chun’s agency CJ’s Entertainment revealed pictures of Park Yoo Chun filming for the last time for MBC drama “I Miss You” along with a message of how he feels. There are only 2 episodes of “I Miss You” left to be aired.

Park Yoo Chun played the role of Han Jung Woo in the drama. He said, “Many thoughts take over my mind as the last filming day is coming near. This drama brought so much emotions to me and was hurtful to me, but I was attached to the role of Han Jung Woo that much. I think I’m going to live with the desire to protect the world of Han Jung Woo and for the people who live to protect themselves even till the end. Please keep up the support until the last 2 episodes.”

Photo Credit: CJ Entertainment

Credit: Kpopstarz

Shared by: DBSKworldwide


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