[Trans] Uknow Yunho “SM Rank #3, responsible for connecting the company and the artist”

TVXQ mentioned the inner ranks of SM and said that “We think that we’re after Director Kang-Ta, and BoA sunbae.”

Uknow Yunho added that “Since Director Kang-Ta is an aratist, he tries to understand the position of the artists, but as he has the title ‘director’ under his belt, he could take the view of the company. (So he wanted) us to be the mediator between the company and the artist to connect the two sides.”

Uknow Yunho, who said that “Max Changmin and I give good advice and talk to friends who ask for help” also added that he feels that ‘they are 9 years old already’ when he sees lots of hubaes whenever he goes out on music programs.

He said that “I don’t think we should force responsibility upon ourselves just because we have lots of hubaes. I think we try to take care of them a lot because they treat us like sunbaes. When they do that, we try our best to show a more sunbae-like side of us and talk to them a lot, and all.”

On the other hand, Uknow Yunho said that they will “appear in not just music programs but also in variety shows in order to earn elementary school student fans’ popularity”.

cr: Fuzzybunny

Translation by Fuzzybunny

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