[Trans] Uknow Yunho “I’m into house decoration these days”


Uknow Yunho from TVXQ has revealed that he’s into house decoration these days.

Uknow Yunho revealed in his recent interview with OSEN that “I used to just go outside, but now I stay home all the time. I’m into house decoration.”

Uknow Yunho continued, with satisfactory grin, saying that “I want to try everything that I can. I go around the neighbourhood in my bicycle, and I drop by at the dong office. I like buying clothes at the Dongdaemun, and I take pictures these days. I’ve been to an amusement park recently. I had good times without anyone knowing.”
Uknow Yunho who ways that he uses the public transit and goes to the fish market where him and his friends try a bet on who can reduce the price the fastest, Max Changmin said that “I don’t like hanging out with people. I stay home quietly, cleaning the house, etc.”
cr: Fuzzybunny
Translation by Fuzzybunny
Please do NOT take this to where this data or excerpts from it will be used as an anti or mockery purpose.

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