[Trans] TVXQ! “Forget about our dark selves” ①


“Hello, we’re TVXQ. Does the mood go down a little because we don’t have greetings like “We are SuperJunior”?”Although they don’t have greetings like the idols these days,
TVXQ smiled brightly from the beginning of the interview to lighten up the mood.TVXQ!, who’s coming back with 6th album ‘Catch Me’ in one year and eight months have met with the press on the 27th at La Casa hotel in Seoul.
Japanese Tour, SM Town live… 1 year and 8 months was a short time to them in a way.
Even more, they put in much effort for the long-waited Korean album.“We spent much time  preparing for the title song. We thought that a music that could keep the feel of ‘TVXQ!’ while communicating with the mass media was necessary”(Max Changmin)
In order to create a title song that has both their pre-existing style and mass media appeal they postponed their comeback period for 1~2 months than planned.
Max Changmin said that “With ‘Wae’ from the last album, it was a new song from a long hiatus so a song with an impact was necessary. But with this time, we thought that we should go for an easier to listen to, and easier to memorize song.”
The title song for the 6th album ‘Catch Me’ seeks mass media appeal with the easy melody in the chorus, but uses the latest trend – dubstep- to seek intense performance that is SMP at the same time. As well, they also tried to put in melody on a dubstep beat to sing.
The performance for ‘Catch Me’ maintains the intensity, but it definitely feels much different than before.While the performance overall has a musical-like plot development and details to describe the inner psychology, the moves themselves are very mass-media friendly that even the elementary school students can easily approach. The dance moves are even called “Hulk Dance” “Dragon Bulp Dance” and “Mirror Dance”.
“The people who were in elementary school when we sung ‘Hug’ are now all adults. To be honest, I think some of the elementary school students won’t know who we are. We wanted to appeal strongly to even the elementary school students, and that’s how a new choreography was born” (Uknow Yunho)
It is told that world-renowned choreographer Tony Testa was also troubled while making the choreography for ‘Catch Me’.
The lyric contains story about a man’s contrasting sides about bidding the woman goodbye while secretly wanting her to not let him go, and he had difficult time understanding it due to cultural difference.
He postponed the schedule with Justin Bieber and focused on creating the choreography for TVXQ.The finished work represents the man’s scream through the beats and the contrasting sides through the ‘Mirror Dance’. .
Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin are doing same but different moves as if they’re seeing themselves through the mirror.
The two create the “outer self” for their individual parts and “inner self” when it’s not their parts.
And the distance between the emotions is expressed by the dancers. So the whole military dance represents one man in essence.The costumes are also a flipped back and forth costume. It’s the same clothes, but Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin wear clothes that have reversed front and back.

It’s also new that they’re wearing trainers when they’ve always settled for suits or the likes.The behind story to “Hulk Dance” and “Dragon Bulp Dance” were also revealed.“Tony Testa said that he got the idea from the movie ‘Avengers’. “Hulk Dance”, “Dragon Bulp Dance” … and there also was a “Transformer Dance” which got dropped at the last minute.”  (Uknow Yunho)

Uknow Yunho explains the mass media appealing dance like this“Haven’t we all played around with trains and tried the Chinese martial arts arm movements while watching the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in China’?
I think it’s a mass-media friendly dance that can appeal strongly even to elementary school students.
It may be a hit or miss because it’s a unique and new style, but I’d like to leave it to the public to decide.If you see the music video for ‘Catch Me’ the choreography is complicated although it looks simple at first.
Between the TVXQ members, and between TVXQ and the back dancesr, there has to be a precise organization in order for most of these moves to be successful.
Uknow Yunho talked about the difficulties of the choreography, saying “We have to do the choreography while in physical connection with the dancers. If someone screws up, it’s all over.” Would they be able to show such performance on stage, live?
“We should show the performance for real for each of the broadcasting company.
But we’d also like to show it live to a certain level”  (Uknow Yunho)

TVXQ is planning on showing the performance and the live stage separate for each broadcasting company.

But they’re also doing the performance on the live stage as well. TVXQ’s even going as far as wanting to sing while they’re held up by the dancers.
Uknow Yunho revealed that “When we’re practicing, the dancer grasped my stomach for the ‘Catch Me’ stage. When I am lying down or jumping and the body balance is messed up, there are parts where we don’t quite work out, so it’s difficult.”
Max Changmin said that “Dancers also have to dance while lifting us up and landing us.

As it is not a comfortable position for us to sing either, we need to prepare a lot”TVXQ has commented a lot about the mass media appeal in 6th album activities. Why would that be.Uknow Yunho explained that “Teacher Lee SooMan said that ‘If you take heavy song like ‘Wae’ or ‘Rising Sun’ this time again, I think you’ll become even more separated from the public. Wouldn’t it be nice to try again to appeal to a younger target and not just your own league where only the manias exist?’ and we agreed to it.”

He added that “we want the group to continue for a long time by becoming something everyone can enjoy rather than just being dark and charismatic.”
TVXQ is already facing 10 year anniversary.
How much of what they wanted before the debut do they think they’ve achieved.“There are new groups coming out from countless companies, and unfortunately most of them get forgotten.
All the fans… who gave us lots of love through 8, 9 years…
It’s half the success to be able to sing in front of the mass who recognizes us.
The rest is up to us to fill up” (Max Changmin)Changmin mentioned Shinhwa while explaining their goal.
He was deeply impressed with the recent concerts and being active in other areas while maintaining the singing career.
“Our goal is to become a singer who is active for over 12 years, no actually with long life.
Wouldn’t we be able to break the stereotype that idol singers die off around age 30 if we find charms in other areas than just singing?
As Shinhwa sunbaes have left the precedence already, I feel that we should be included in that and leave our hubaes a precedence”
cr: Fuzzybunny
Translation by Fuzzybunny
Please do NOT take this to where this data or excerpts from it will be used as an anti or mockery purpose.

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