[Trans] TVXQ “10 years old next year..We have always changed”


TVXQ is the representative team for the idol groups that appeared in the 00s.

As they debuted in 2004 the single-album culture spread, and the stereotype that idol groups can’t sing and just go for their looks was also broken.

TVXQ, who will be 10 years old next year has members Uknow Yunho (26) and Max Changmin (24) as three members left the team in 2009.

It was the team’s homework to create harmony and balance for the two members while making up for the empty presence of the three members.

The single album ‘Wae (KYHD)’ which was released last January received passing point in such aspects.

However, perhaps due to the homework of finding music that will bring out the music of the duo’s harmony they have returned in a year and eight month with the 6th album ‘Catch Me’.

The two members who recently did an interview at one hotel in Gangnam, explained that “Our music has been dark and strong all along. If we leave out mass media appeal, it could be just our own league so it took us a while to figure out the compromising line.”

It seemed like the two grew much through the Japanese tour which gathered 550,000 audience last January-April.

They said that “We got to understand each other more as we went through the Japanese tour together. It seems like it’s our fate to do a new start every single time. As such, TVXQ has changed throughout the 10 years. It will change in the future as well.”

Based on know-hows and experiences, TVXQ is holding their first world tour ‘Catch Me’. The following is Q&A.

— Concerns about music.

▲TVXQ! has a strong ‘SMP(SM Music Performance)’ feel. In the last album, we focused on what we do best, but this time we had to try new things based on our experience. The concerns were about letting go. (Yunho)

— Pressure to be a role-model for hubae groups.

▲ Before we be a role-model we gotta take care of our own ass. haha. If we bring out an intense song like ‘Wae’ it could be too obvious so we had to broaden our feel. It’s about time we attempt to reach out to the public. (Changmin)

—Specific changes.

▲ “A lot of our songs require seeing the dance as well to understand. However, we put in a variety of songs starting with ‘Catch Me’ which combines dubstep and melody, ‘How Are You’ which is a ballad that feels like the 90’s group Maronie, ‘Dream’ which reproduced 1999 duo Chanamini’s song, ‘Gateway’ which is a Linkin Park like rock song. When we ask the songwriters for a TVXQ song they always give us a dark and intense song with anti-society lyrics, but we asked them to consider us rookies and give us songs this time.” (Yunho)


—There are songs that are following the 90s trend

▲ “We danced to songs from sunbaes like Noise, Kim WonJoon from the 90s. I listened to it a lot because of my aunt when I was young. Haha. The music trend comes back and back and we can sometimes hear songs like back when we debuted these days.” (Yunho)

—The harmony between the two since becoming a duo.

▲ “It’d be lie to say that we never fight. It was really new because the Japanese tour in the beginning of the year was our first concert together as a duo. As we dealt with the 10-50,000 fans with just the two of us, we were overwhelmed. If the Japanese concert was just a one-time thing, we wouldn’t have figured it out, but as we did it over 20 times for three months, we could connect. As we built experience and know-hows, it became fun.”(Changmin)

▲”We grew up without noticing it ourselves. We only thought about giving our best in the past, but we can afford to communicate with the audience more now.” (Yunho)

—Hubae idols poured out during the break. Do you feel competitive.

▲ “I watch the music programs, and we buy the CDs of hubaes such as MBLAQ, FT ISLAND, IU, etc. I try to learn from the hubae groups as well. If I don’t do that I’m scared that TVXQ! will just remain under its popularity, unable to grow. I noticed Tasty, which has two members and I thought we should try hard as well. SHINee’s ‘sherlock’ stages were also a stimulant.”(Yunho)

▲ “I don’t see them as competitives.(*The article says that he does, but that doesn’t make sense with the rest of his quote so I’m guessing it’s a type-o) When I see friends who do well, I like them instead of thinking ‘I’m gonna do better than them’. I buy albums with my own money for hubaes not just from SM but others like CN Blue and support them.” (Changmin)

— What efforts do you put in as sunbae groups.

▲ “Music trends change very quickly. Hook songs were in few years ago, and electronic musics are in right now, and it seems like we’re in a time of change again. ‘TVXQ-like’ is a sword with blade on both sides, whether it’s referring to music or ability. If we end at just the fans who like us, it will end there and we will be spent away. We can continue for long if we develop our own feels while following the demands of the mass media.” (Changmin)

— First world tour.

▲”It’s not going to be too different from the Asian tour. But the first concert, the Seoul concert is a first timer in 3 years since 2009 in Korea, and the first concert as a duo, so it’s both exciting and pressuring” (Yunho)

—memorable stage.

▲”Tokyo Dome concert from the Japanese tour this year. I didn’t cry when we got awards, but I cried there for the first time. I let myself go without realizing after the concert. I was pressured by thoughts like ‘Would I be able to work well with Changmin’ ‘Would we be able to gather the audience’ and the memories passed by me like a panorama in the last song and I couldn’t contain myself. It was a live tour that will be in the top 3 of my singer life.” (Yunho)

▲ The ‘SM Town LIVE’ concert last 2010, which was our first official stage. I was even more nervous than for our first debut stage. I was so nervous I was shaking and my knees were knocking. It was a period when I wasn’t confident about whether ‘we can really do it’. After this stage I had the confidence that we can do it.” (Changmin)

— Thinking about going to the U.S.

▲ “I do have the desire but rather than just a ‘let’s go!’ we’re gonna look at how it plays. If we have the right song for the right time, we’ll give it a try, but now’s not the time.” (Yunho)

▲ “The music that PSY sunbae made wasn’t intended for the U.S. market from the start. A likable content met a great time. There’s no guarantee that it will work no matter how much you target the market. If you make great content and if a day comes when it does work, that’ll be the best. We won’t give it a forced try.” (Changmin)


—Anything about you that changed while being a singer.

▲ “I act simply, but I think a lot. Before, I went all the way to the end even if people said it won’t work, and then I got hurt. Now, I’ve learned to let go. Of course, I just learned to go around. I never give up.” (Yunho)

▲ “I was always pressuring myself to the thought that I have to grow up more for the next album. Sure you may make more money, but you get more stressed. But now, I just have the attitude of have fun in whatever I do. I try not to be stressed out about giving laughs on variety shows. I just wanna live a fun life.” (Changmin)

—Something you discovered new about each other since becoming a duo.

▲ “Changmin always said the right thing and acted like a grown up. If you want to put it in a bad light, it could be seen inhuman, but he has always tried very hard. I wanted him to break out of it, and he has. I thought that he was someone who keeps it to himself, but learned that he’s someone who wants to express himself. As well, he was so cautious before but he pushes through with confidence now, and that makes him more trustworthy. He’s a dongseng, but also a reliable workmate and friend.” (Yunho)

▲ “Yunho hyung shows manry and amazing look on stage, but he’s more sensitive and genuine person than me.” (Changmin)

— TVXQ! within SM Entertainment.

▲ “A great importance. We act as the bridge between the director Kangta and the senior BoA sunbae. BoA sunbae doesn’t hold the title but her eyes are just that of the director, and we’re like junior-director levels. Haha.” (Yunho, Changmin)

— What do you want to do for the 10th year anniversary.

▲ “We want to do a show, kind of like a talk concert where we talk with the fans in a small concert venue as a 10th year anniversary event. I want to listen to the story of fans who were with us for 10 years, and I want to make them sing as well.” (Yunho)

—Till when will you be able to show performance stage.

▲ “My hero Michael Jackson danced and sung until in his 50s. Insooni sunbae also constantly tries something new. I don’t want to lose the will as an artist easily.” (Yunho)

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