[Trans] Max Changmin “Radio Star fan, Always watching it”


Max Changmin from TVXQ has reveled that he’s a fan of MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star”Max Changmin said in a recent interview with OSEN that “I usually enjoy all of the variety shows, but I most definitely watch all episodes of ‘Radio Star’.”
He said that “I watch the SBS ‘Rule of the Jungle’ and ‘Healing Camp’ as well. I recently watched ‘Healing Camp’ where PSY hyungnim appeared in.”
TVXQ!, who has been rather infrequent visitor of Korean variety shows due to busy international schedule, plans to appear in lots of varieties with the comeback promotional activities of new album ‘Catch Me’.
Uknow Yunho said that “We finished recording for MBC ‘Sunday Night – God of Victory, and we shoot the best variety ever. You’ll be surprised when you see the show. We put in everything we had in ourselves.”
Max Changmin said that “With the start of ‘God of Victory’ and KBS 2TV ‘Do Dream’ we will appear in variety shows, one by one”.
cr: Fuzzybunny
Translation by Fuzzybunny
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