[Trans] Max Changmin “I want SHINee’s ‘Noona You’re so Pretty’”

Max Changmin of TVXQ! has revealed that he wants SHINee’s debut song, ‘Noona You’re so Pretty’.

In a recent interview, Max Changmin said that “I’m jealous of SHINee’s ‘Noona You’re so Pretty’, which never gets old. It’s still sophisticated and good even when I listen to it now. It was right when we were doing the activities for ‘Mirotic’, and I told SHINee all the time that ‘I’m very jealous of your song’ ‘This should’ve been our song’ and things like that.”

To this, Uknow Yunho said “If we got greedy and took ‘Noona You’re so Pretty’ it wouldn’t have been called a ‘Noona You’re so Pretty’. It fit well because it was SHINee and I like the song very much as well. (Q. Can’t you do it for the concerts?) If we do, I’ll wear TaeMin’s wig. Changmin you can be Key or JongHyun.” and made the whole interview scene laughing.

On the other hand, TVXQ!, who are the 1st generations of the Korean wave, said that “we think improved contents can only continue to be created if we treat the overseas market with honesty instead of just one-time shot attitude.” even though they were proud of the Korean wave by the K-pop stars.

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