Releasing 6th album ‘Catch Me’ TVXQ “Are we 9 years old already?”


As they fought with the fast changing trend, 9 years have passed by already. They have become the eldest hyung of idols somewhere along. To the passing by time, and pouring out hubae idols, they oppose and get along. They  are TVXQ. They’re the still-icon of idols and those who sow the seed of K-POP boom.

“We were 5 years old when SNSD debuted, and we recently heard that they’ve met their own 5 year anniversary. I felt that we really have become old.”(Changmin)

“It’s the most basic thing to greet everyone well in order to be on a good relationship with people around you. I want the hubaes to have the mindset of doing this for a long time.”(Yunho)

They wanted to be the mentors of hubae idols. They laughed, saying that their company hubae SNSD treats them for somewhere in between ‘nice and easy going oppas’ and ‘strict sunbaes’. And yet they don’t stop giving guiding suggestions for the company maknae EXO, who debuted this year, to build their grounds. What they emphasize is Long Run. This is also where TVXQ! is headed for.

“Look at our team’s biorhythm. It’s not a team that got successful instantly in Japan and overseas after being successful in Korea. We went up step by step by learning and feeling the culture of other countries. As such, we developed a standard on what’s right and what’s wrong. I came to think about how to urge myself naturally to keep running while going for the long run.”(Changmin)

In order to run long in the jungle-like market TVXQ wanted to quickly absorb the fast-changing trend and move from a genre to another. Ironically, they wanted to get rid of the heavy and strong image. Easy and comfortable, so easier to approach, is what they wanted to leave as.

“I want to do music that’s not set in a form. Instead of going ‘I’m gonna do R&B’ or ‘I’m gonna do pop’, I think we should switch between various genres like a chameleon.”(Changmin)

“The image about us singing with our whole life on stake could work as both our strength and our weakness. As we sung a lot of strong songs, we have built an image that doesn’t work with singing songs like ‘Gangnam Style’. That could be a weakness, if you want to put it that way. I want us to be someone who people can expect a lot of changing looks from.”(Yunho)

The 6th album contains smart strategies that TVXQ has chosen to seek long run. The title song ‘Catch Me’ clearly contains the intensity of the previous ‘Wae’ and emphasizes the easily ear-catching chorus. The music video that reminds the viewer of a SF movie also provides viewing pleasure. Songs like ‘Dream”How are you”I Swear’ are light and sweet to the extent that we question whether this really is TVXQ singing. Their intention of attempting various genres while providing high expectations for the concert is clearly visible. It wasn’t an empty talk when Changmin said that he felt “It’s a brand new start” after finishing the recording of the last song of the album.

The two leave for a world tour starting with this album. Yunho has picked New York Madison Square Guarden for his dream stage and Changmin has picked the passionate South America. Both grew up once more experiencing the ups and downs of the life, and they dream of another tomorrow while in today’s growing pain.

“I cried like a baby on the Tokyo-dome stage of the Japanese Tour. I was so happy I couldn’t believe that I was standing there. I had even thought about not being a singer for real… I thought to myself that I should really try hard.” (Yunho)

“As I was shooting the Japanese movie, every day was stressful under strict director and with the Japanese staff. It was really hard, but as I pushed through it, it got fun in the end. I think I was just happy regardless of any of my mistakes during the tour. It is probably more important to enjoy the moment.” (Changmin)

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