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TXVQ U-Know Yunho Chosen as Idol Star with the Best Japanese

Many stars are challenging themselves and learning new languages every day, hoping to make it out in countries overseas.

With Japan being so close to Korea, learning Japanese has become a fundamental course in becoming a hallyu star.

So, out of all the idol stars out there, who speaks the best Japanese?

According to 37 Japanese instructors working at Pagoda Academy for foreign languages, 43 percent said that TVXQ (DBSK)’s U-Know Yunho was the hallyu star who spoke Japanese the best.

The instructors said that U-Know Yunho was able to communicate fluently and naturally in Japanese, while using correct grammar as well as Japanese slang.

BoA was noted for her flawless Japanese as well, but due to her image as an artist and not as an idol star, she was placed in second along with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, who speaks Japanese in a clear and formal manner

Following them were Max Changmin and Jang Keun Suk at third and fourth. Both stars still express Japanese in a Korean format and aren’t as fluent as the top two candidates.

The Japanese manager for Pagoda Academy said, “Many of the hallyu stars have decent Japanese, but they still have expressional problems and Korean accents lingering behind.”

The survey was taken in the month of June and the results were revealed on July 2. The instructors’ choices were based off of the idol stars’ interviews when they were in Japan for promotions.



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