track.1 I love you -introduction-
Doushite namida ga deru no
Nagarete nagarete yuku no
Kotoba ga omoi ni todokanakute
Tsumuida mono Hibiita oto
Samayou you ni hoho wo tsutatte yuku
‘Suki’ nante serifu ja kitto
Nani mo arawashi kire nai
Kuti ni dasu tabi Itsumo tookute
Kimi ni wa mou iitsukushita keredo
Soredemo tsutae tai Dakara utau yo
I love you, so I love you
I love you Kotoba ja naku te mo
Ai no oto Ai no uta de
Kimi ni todoke it’s my love song
Lyrics, Composed & Arrangement by Katsuhiko Yamamoto

track.2 Champion
Oh Lights out yeah oh Lights out
Get it on! Fighter (win the fight I gotta win the fight)
Kono basyo koso King of kings (king)
Hushi no I am a Champion
Get it on! Fighter (win the fight I gotta win the fight)
Never gonna give it up Never give up
Byousatsu TKO Win Lights out
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130218 Kris at Vancouver International Airport

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130127 Kris at Beijing & Gimpo Airport

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120426 Kris at Incheon Airport going to Indonesia

120430 Kris at Soekarno Hatta Airport back to Korea

120608 Kris at China Airport back to Korea

120921 Kris at Incheon Airport going to Indonesia

120922 Kris at Soekarno Hatta – Incheon Airport

121102 Kris at China Airport back to Korea

121126 Kris at Suvarnabhumi – Incheon Airport

121210 Kris at Chongqing, Guangzhou Airport & KLIA


120427-29 Kris at SS4 Jakarta

120618 Kris at Tianjin Recording

120625-26 Kris at Do Your Best! Recording

120922 Kris at SMTOWN Jakarta

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Q: Having worked together for 10 years, what are your thoughts about each other?

Changmin: For me, if there wasn’t Yunho hyung, it seems like I would not have been able to walk on till now. Now the person in front of the camera is curling up his / her fingers (because it’s too mushy hahaha). Really, he leads me as a younger brother well, so it seems like we have been able to walk on well till now without any glitches, and in the future, please guide me well (Yunho: ai~ why are you like this?) I hope you will take care of me well.

Yunho: For 10 years, it seems like this is most important thing. Compared to all other forms of words, it seems like the most important thing was that he has stayed beside me. Good things, difficult / tiring things, happy things, going through them together… and just by the fact of staying beside each other quietly, it seems like this has to be cherished compared to anything else. In the future, I think that, in the same way, to be able to shine even more brightly, we will become the type of relationship whereby we are each other’s support while complementing each other. And although I have said this just now, because Changmin is the type of friend who shines even more brightly as time passes, and because I will be anticipating a lot from him in the future, I will have to be by his side too.

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Max Changmin has left viewers spellbound with his charms on opposite extremes.

Through his sexy and luxurious dances and singing in music programmes, Max Changmin is giving off a manly charm which makes one want to steal him for herself, while he stimulates one’s maternal instincts to hug him through his indifferent and chic analogue emotive acting in the drama “Mimi”. When he is acting out the period of being a high school student in “Mimi”, he also shows off an appearance of a good looking youth who seems like the male lead of a romance comic.

The group which Max Changmin belongs to, TVXQ, have released the title song of their 7th repackaged album, “Spellbound” and made their full-fledged return through appearances on various music programmes etc starting from March 5. Baca entri selengkapnya »


bokura no ue ni tada sora ga hitotsu
onaji yane no sumibito
shiranda sora ni tori ga habataki
eien no kibou wo utatteru

boku ni nani ga dekiru darou?
kimi wa nani wo nozomu darou?
gamushara ni mirai wo tagayashitai yo
yami ni wa egao de hikaru tomosunda
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(with individual parts)

[All] Surisurimasuri susuri saba
[Yunho] Oh
[All] Surisurimasuri susuri saba
[Yunho] Dirit ditditdit ditditditdit dit da
[Changmin] Yeah.. yeah
[All] Surisurimasuri susuri saba

[Changmin] Geuttaen eoryeotji, aju soljikhi jinjihaji motaetji
Geuttaen nugurado sanggwaneopdan mariji modu swiwoboyeosseo
I was silly to you, baby
Naega neomu gyeongsolhaetdeon geotdo ara

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Q: If there are rivals of TVXQ, who would that be?

Yunho: I have thought about this alone myself before. There are many juniors who are doing very well recently, aren’t there? Compared to anything else, wouldn’t it be the foremost important thing to first win ourselves? I think that way.

Changmin (aka hyung pabo) – thumbs up! -

Q: If there are any juniors whom you are especially paying close attention to, who would that be?

Changmin: Personally for me, EXO.

Yunho (joking joking): compared to us, aren’t their numbers a few times more?

Changmin: (can’t hear).. and they do really well.

MC (continuing Yunho’s joke): They have the upper hand in terms of numbers~

Changmin (aka hyung pabo) – bursts out laughing -

Q: points to watch out for in their performance?

Yunho: compared to what we have shown everybody before, it has more of a musical feel on one hand, and because we are dancing together with female dancers, the viewing point would be the couple dance.

Q: can we anticipate your performance?

Changmin: Please show anticipation for our performance. We will work hard!

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TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho revealed how he accidentally bought Girls’ Day’s album.

TVXQ appeared as guests on the SBS Radio PowerFM program ‘Two O’Clock Escape CulTwo Show – Comeback Special’ on the 9th and showcased their witty humor.

When DJ CulTwo asked, “Girls’ Day and TVXQ share the same name for their title tracks. Is this a coincidence?” U-Know Yunho opened up by saying, “I was really surprised. We’re even promoting at the same time.”

Regarding this, U-Know Yunho said, “Girls’ Day released their music on digital music sites earlier than we did. I didn’t know this, so I ended up buying their album because I thought it was ours.”He continued to state, “I heard their song, and it has quite a different feel from ours. I think it’s a nice win-win situation for both of us,” and “Please show your love for both teams.”

Meanwhile, TVXQ is currently busy promoting ‘Something’, the title track of their 7th album ‘TENSE’.

Source: TVDaily

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