[Full Lyrics] B.A.P’s First Sensibility Album


01 B.A.P
May I have your attention please
The king is back
Oh hoooo Let go

Uhh urin geop eomneun Bad Boyz
Make the new world
Just wait for main course

ttanttara eumak ttawi ttaragaji anhado mwo
Keep calm and Playball

neukkyeobwa jigeum dangjang
da ttarawabwabwa
igeon REALhan BAM BAM

hollineun nae RHYMEdu
rideum ttara neol goerophyeo
Make classic, haek tandu

Get on the floor
Yo Everybody say B.A.P is back
(B.A.P is back B B.A.P is back B B.A.P is back
KI KI KING is back back)
Get on the floor
Yo Everybody say B.A.P is back
(B.A.P is back B B.A.P is back B B.A.P is back
KI KI KING is back back)

Startle the world
sesangeul heundeureo
We back again
Don’t stop to play
urineun junbiwallyo dareun aedeulgwaneun dalla

Startle the world
da gachi sondeureo
Baby Whut’s up
Get your hands up
da michindeusi dallyeo
jugineun noraero balleo Make Some Noise!

Hey! You know what it is
Just keep it real sheeeeee
I’m out

02 1004 (Angel)
eodironga nareul tteonabeorin cheonsa gateun neo
I need you

eotteoke saneunji nan moreugesseo
niga tteonan ihuro michigesseo
Everyday, Everynight
jamdo jal ojil anha
hollo nama sullonama Cry

So I miss you (neol saenggakhae) and I need you (nan Everyday)
ajikdo ni moksoriga deullyeo
dorawajwo (nan neobakke) nae gyeoteuro (eopdaneun ge)
cheonsa gateun neo

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[Download] EXO’s Kris Collection Pics of August 2013



Download link:

130804 Kris at Gimpo Airport
130826-27 Kris at LAX & Incheon Airport


Download link:

130802 Kris on KBS Yoo In Na’s Volume Up Radio
130804 Kris at The 9th Sage Music Festival
130806 Kris at RCY 60th Anniv Intl Sharing Peace Camp
130807 Kris at MBC Show Champion!
130808 Kris at Power FM Boom’s Young Street Radio
130812 Kris at Show Champion 2013 Korean Music Festival
130813 Kris at KBS Kiss The Radio
130814 Kris at Korea vs Peru Soccer Match
130817 Kris at Bucheon Fansigning Event
130820 Kris (MC) at Arirang’s Simply Kpop
130820 Kris at MBC Shindong’s Shimshimtapa Radio
130820 Kris at Naver StarCast ‘A Midsummer Night’s Growl’
130821 Kris at MBC Show Champion!
130823 Kris OTW to KBS Music Bank
130828 Kris at MBC Safe Seas Happy Korea

Credits pics: to all the rightful owners
Collected & Shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com

[FAN ACC] 140524 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 4

➮Changmin went to backstage to prepare.
Yunho: Everyone can now focus on me.

➮Yunho: Since the start of this tour, we had segments like YH’s dream time. But after carrying out for some time, I realised it’s common.

➮Yunho: I wanted to say something interesting, so I thought of Korean lessons. I want to teach everyone this word “love” today.

➮Yunho: We received love and support from everyone. Also, Yunho is handsome! Yunho is handsome, right!

➮Yunho: The next song is Changmin’s solo. Everyone should know what song this is, you can feel CM’s charisma & attractiveness.

➮The Korean words Yunho taught today: Yunho is handsome.
YH: Everyone say it together
Fans: Yunho is handsome
YH: I know it~

[cr: 永恒的相守]
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[FAN ACC] 140523 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 3

➮Tohoshinki: Good evening everyone we are Tohoshinki. Welcome to Tohoshinki Tree Tour live in Tokyo Dome! Is everyone enjoying?

➮Yunho: Hello everyone, I am Yunho. Everyone please continue to be high to the end!

➮Changmin: Hello everyone, I am Changmin. Let’s sing and dance together, enjoy it and be high!

➮Yunho: Is everyone ready?
Fans: YES!
Changmin: Let’s move on to the next song. They’re performing Cheering now~

➮Tohoshinki: Hello everyone! We are Tohoshinki. Changmin is asking fans to sit down and rest now

➮Yunho is doing his personal introduction now and he’s humming to some cute melody

➮Yunho is asking everyone to revise the Korean phrases they learned from previous concerts

➮Yunho said he lost 2kg after having concerts in Tokyo Dome these three daysㅋㅋ

[cr: 永恒的相守]
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[FAN ACC] 140521 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 2

Yunho: Tokyo Dome is burning (with passion) since just now. Everyone please follow us Tohoshinki to sing and dance to the end!

Changmin: I want to chat with everyone properly so everyone please sit down.
After everyone sat down, Changmin said, “But some people have already been resting since just now.”
Yunho: When the camera was just scanning the audience, I see some people already relaxing.(laughs)

Changmin said his Chanpon Changmin nickname is weak. He met someone last year and asked how to make everyone laugh. In the end, the someone said just saying any kind of noodles and make jokes out of it. Changmin unhappily said the someone gave him a casual answer.

Trans. by: yunjaery

opening mc (cr: apo+ness) Tokyo Dome D-2
Yunho: Hello everyone. We are Tohoshinki. Welcome to everyone here. Is everyone okay today? Today’s hot, isn’t it? [t/n: fans say it was cold and wet though… >___>)
Changmin: Hello everyone, I am Changmin. Let’s sing and dance together until the end!
Yunho: Is everyone ready? Everyone, okay? Okay! Let’s listen to the next song.
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[TRANS] EXO 1st Concert, “TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Gave Us Advice Member by Member”

EXO has made mention of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

On this day, the members of EXO explained the contents of the advice given by the seniors in their company before the concert. Chanyeol said, “Over the telephone, as the phone was passed from each member to another one by one, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim spoke to each of us. He told us not to be too overly excited on the first day and it will become a good concert performance if we enjoy ourselves in a fun way with the fans”.

-only Yunho-related parts translated-

Source: http://bit.ly/1h1pHMA
Credit Trans by: mug_ping
Shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com

[FAN ACC] 140520 Tohoshinki TREE Tour in Tokyo Day 1

Yunho: Hello everyone we are Tohoshinki. Everyone is energetic~ let’s continue (concert) seriously~
Changmin: Do it seriously!
Yunho said he wants to do a serious introduction: “Dun dun dun~ dun~ I am Yun~ho!”

Yunho shouted he wants more male fans and Changmin replied he wants too. Yunho is too blur today. When he was learning, he had this very serious expression but it seems like his eyes were aching so he quickly rub his eyes. Second time, he purposely used a deep tone to talk but he choked on his own saliva. [cr: nodako206]

Changmin said that both of them were so excited for Tokyo Dome that they couldn’t sleep, and Yunho was watching a movie. It was so loud that Changmin couldn’t sleep. Yunho then apologized for it. LOL [cr: nodako206]

Yunho: I was quite troubled on what to say when I am alone because I have so much about dreams. However, it’s not every time when I sleep I get to dream, analyzing dreams are becoming harder, too. So, today shall be Yunho’s Korean Lecture.
Fans said he’s cute and he replied he’s not.
HAHA.. [cr: nodako206]

When Changmin did his introduction he said, “Hello everyone. I am Chanpon Changmin”.
(T/N: A famous noodle dish in Nagasaki, similar pronunciation as Changmin’s name)
After that, he added on, “Instead of calling me Chanpon Changmin, I prefers everyone calls me SHIM”. [cr: yunjaery]

Opening MC
Hello everyone. We’re Tohoshinki. Welcome to the Japan Tohoshinki 2014 Tree tour. Everyone, are you good?
Yunho: Hello, I’m everyone’s Yunho. Are you happy tonight? let’s go on being happy!
Changmin: Hello, I am changmin. As usual, Tokyo Dome is enthusiastic from the beginning. Let’s get high together. Are you ready? Let’s go to the next song!
Streamer said Yunho looked really good today and yes, lean. ㅋ[cr: bambidol]

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[Download] EXO’s Kris Collection Pics of July 2013


Download link:
130701 Kris at Incheon & Hong Kong Airport
130702 Kris at Hong Kong & Incheon Airport
130715 Kris at Incheon & Sheremetyevo Airport
130728 Kris at Incheon & Beijing Airport


 Download link:
130701 Kris at Hong Kong Dome Festival
130702 Kris at Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui
130711 Kris at SBS-R Power FM CulTwo Show
130713 Kris on MBC Younha’s Starry Night Radio
130716 Kris at Kazan City, Russia
130718 Kris at Kazan Kremlin Russia
130721 Kris at Mokdong Fansigning Event
130728 Kris at Asian Idol Awards
130729 Kris at China Love Big Concert Recording

Credits pics: to all the rightful owners
Collected & Shared by: cutiekyubi.wordpress.com

[TRANS] AERA – Cover Story (Yunho)

“Although there are also aspects which I am lacking in, I think that I had put in 100% hard work and effort.”

Amidst his busy schedule, he kept a watchful eye on the script. In the drama “King of Ambition”, one can also see scenes of him holding a (hockey) stick in his role as an ice hockey player.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, he rushed to the studio immediately in that getup. He apologised for the delay in his flight due to the weather conditions, and said “Please take care of me” in Japanese while bowing his head to the staff. These good manners of his have never changed up till this day. And just as always, there were no translators for the interview, he immediately understood / grasped the meanings and intentions behind the questions, and he answered the questions proficiently with a mix of humour.

“No, I don’t speak Japanese that well. I have to become better at it.”

He carries with him his own clear and distinct opinions, and when we showed him the photos we had shortlisted for the cover photo, and he didn’t pick the photo whereby his gaze was evident on his facial expression, but instead chose a photo from another cut and said “This is good”. This photo is the one which became the cover photo.

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[TRANS] AERA – Tohoshinki’s Yunho Interview

In Yunho’s words, “The Way To Realize Dreams”
Not just limited to his activities as the TVXQ who had debuted for 10 years, we are also seeing a new side of him as an actor. His heart as an actor, his usual thoughts, and his dreams of the future…

He is also currently in the midst of his live tour in Japan as Tohoshinki. But on the other hand, he is keen on his activities as an actor. In the drama “King of Ambition” which recorded high ratings in Korea last year, he acted the role of a youth who loved an older “evil woman” till the end.
He said that with capable actors such as Kwon Sang Woo and Su Ae as his counterparts, he immersed himself into acting with a “rookie” mindset. We started talking about his challenge as an actor with his fluent Japanese.

Q: Was there any fruitful things you gained from “King of Ambition”?

A: It was an experience which I have never had before. It was really refreshing to have had to express all the laughter, anger, sadness and joy of the person known as Baek Do Hoon, which I acted as, from his days as a student till his adulthood, and there were also difficult aspects. This drama portrayed the complicated human relationships and the revenge against their loved ones, but I wanted to become the sole pure innocent man amidst all that. I thought of him (the character) as a cool man who lived an upright life, and I wanted to act him out in that way. In terms of myself as a human being too, while acting out those aspects of things which I hadn’t known myself, because I came to learn of and realize those things, for me, Baek Do Hoon became a good teacher of life.
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